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YBM Class 1 Ch 23

a price 가격
the most 가장
to select 고르다
an exchange 교환
a train ticket 기차표
a road, a way
(plural suffix)
to be blocked, to be stuck 막히다
the Great Wall of China 만리장성
Mugungwha (train) 무궁화호
than 보다
to be fast 빠르다
Saemaeul (train) 새마을호
a seat (counting unit)
passenger ticket 승차권
to sit 앉다
to know 알다
a line, a row (counting unit)
a train 열차
a foreigner 외국인
top grade 우등
Italy 이탈리아
general, economy (seat) 일반
economy section or room 일반실
sushi 초밥
the Colosseum 콜로세움
pizza 피자
Mount Halla 한라산
a train car number (counting unit) 호차
alone 혼자
Mount Fiji 후지산
a black pig
Created by: wickedbadenglish