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Police Acad. Vocab

Police Academy vocabulary portion

Abandoned deserted
Absolutely positively
Accident an event occurring by chance or unintentionally
Accommodate adapt, adjust
Accomplice an associate in crime
Accomplish achieve, perform
Accost to approach and speak of
Acquaintance a person one has knowledge of
Addict to devote oneself to something in excess
Admissible allowable
Advise counsel
Allegedly stated as a fact without proof
Ambulance a vehicle equipped for carrying the injured or sick
Amphetamine drug that stimulates the nervous system
Anonymous of unknown origin
Apparent visible, evident, obvious, seeming
Appeal to take steps to have a case reheard in a higher court
Appreciate to be grateful for
Appropriate suitable
Arrest to take into legal custody
Assault a violent attack
Assistance help, aid
Attempted tried
Attendance the number of persons present
Attorney a legal agent qualified to act for a person in legal proceedings
Auxiliary providing help
Available accessible for use; at hand; usable
Barbiturate drug used as a sedative or hypnotic
Behavior personal conduct
Belligerent waging war
Beneath below, under
Beneficial helpful
Boundaries borders
Bureau an administrative unit
Burglar a person who forces entry into a building with intent to steal
Business commercial enterprise or industry
CADET a student in a service academy
Canceled deleted, remove
Certificate a document testifying to the truth of a fact
Chauffeur a person employed to drive an automobil
Chronological arrangement of events in the order of their occurrence
Citizen an inhabitant of a city or town
Civil of or relating to citizens or to the state as a political body
Civilian a person not on active duty in a military, police, or fire fighting force
Collision to come together with a solid impact
Command order
Commendation praise
Complainant person making a formal accusation
Compliment a flattering remark
Comprehensive inclusive
Conclusion outcome, result
Conduct guide, escort
Confession acknowledgement of guilt
Confidential secret, private
Consciousness aware, mentally awake or alert
Conspicuous attracting attention
Cooperation to act jointly with another or others
Coordinate to work or act together harmoniously
Corporal an officer ranking next below a sergeant
Counsel advise, recommend
Courtesy politeness
Crime a serious offense against the public law
Criminal one who has committed a crime
Criticize to evaluate, find fault
Custody immediate care or charge
Damage loss or harm due to injury to persons, property or reputation
Deceased dead
Defendant person required to make answer in a legal action or suit
Delinquent offending by violation of law
Demeanor conduct, bearing
Demonstrate to prove or make clear by reasoning or evidence
Department a functional division as of government
Deposition testimony
Description an account of something
Designate indicate, specify
Detain to hold in or as if in custody
Detective a person employed in discovering lawbreakers or getting information that is not readily accessible
Detention confinement, a period of temporary custody prior to court action
Device scheme, stratagem
Different unlike, dissimilar
Disabled to disqualify legally
Disaster a sudden or great misfortune
Discipline to bring under control, to impose order upon
Discussed talked about
Dismissed refused further judicial hearing or consideration to
Disobedience neglect or refusal to obey
Dispatcher sends public safety employees on official business with promptness or speed
Distribute deliver
District a fixed territorial division
Division one of the parts into which a whole is divided
Domestic of or relating to the household or the family
Drunkenness a state resulting from the excessive use of alcohol
Effect result
Efficient productive of desired effects, especially without loss or waste; competent
Eligibility qualified to participate or be chosen
Emergency an unforeseen happening or state of affairs requiring prompt action
Encounter to meet as an enemy, fight
Equipment material necessities such as tools, gear, provision or furnishings
Escape to get away
Especially specially, particularly
Essential of the utmost importance, indispensable
Evaluate appraise, value
Eviction to put a person out from a property by legal process
Evidence proof, testimony
Evident clear to the vision and understanding, obvious apparent, plain
Exonerate to free from blame
Explosive tending to react violently
Express to make known, show, state
Extradition a surrendering of an alleged criminal to a different jurisdiction for trial
Fatally mortal, deadly, disastrous
Forcible obtained or done by violence
Fugitive one who flees or tries to escape
Fundamentally primary, basic, essential
Gambling to play a game for money or other stakes
Gratify to afford pleasure to
Gratitude thankfulness
Guard one who supervises prisoners
Habitual customary
Hallucination perception of unreal objects or events, usually due to use of drugs or disorder of the nervous system
Handicapped at a disadvantage
Hazardous a source of danger
Heinous hatefully or shockingly evil
Hereditary passing by inheritance
Heroin an addictive narcotic drug made from morphine
Homicide a killing of one human being by another
Hysterical uncontrollable fear or emotion
Ignite to set afire or catch fire
Ignorance lack of knowledge
Illegal not lawful
Illegible not capable of being read, unclear
Illicit not permitted, unlawful
Illiterate having little or no education, especially unable to read or write
Illness sickness
Imitation copy, counterfeit
Immature lacking complete development
Immediately done at once
Immobilize to make incapable of being moved
Immune exempt, having a special capacity for resistance
Impact a forceful contact or collision effect
Impede to interfere with the progress of
Imperative urgent
Implement to carry out, fulfill
Implicate imply, involve
Incarcerate imprison, confine
Incidents a definite, distinct occurrence; an event
Incompetent lacking sufficient knowledge, skill, strength, or ability
Increase to become greater, grow
Indictment to charge with an offense
Indispensable absolutely essential, requisite
Influence sway, modify
Information knowledge of a specific event or situation
Initially at the very beginning
Initiate start, begin
Innocent blameless
Inquiry a request for information
Insanity not mentally sound, mad
Insignia badge, emblem
Intercept to stop or interrupt the progress or course of
Interrogate to question, especially formally and systematically, ask
Intoxicated drunk
Investigate to observe or study by close examination and systematic inquiry
Irrelevant not applicable
Irresistible impossible to successfully resist
Itemize to set down in detail, list
Jeopardy exposure to death, loss or injury
Jurisdiction the limits or territory within which authority may be exercised
Justifiable proven to be just, right or reasonable
Juvenile of, relating to, or characteristic of children or young people
Kidnap to carry a person away by unlawful force or by fraud and against his will
Knowledge something learned and kept in the mind
Lacerate to tear roughly
Larceny theft
Latent present but not visible or active
Legibility capable of being read, clear
Legitimate lawful
Leniency of mild and tolerant disposition or effect
License a document, plate or tag evidencing a license granted
Lieutenant an officer ranking above sergeant and below captain
Liquor distilled alcoholic beverage
Logical sound reasoning
Maim mutilate, disfigure or wound seriously
Malfunction to fail to operate in the normal or usual manner
Malpractice a dereliction of professional duty or a failure of professional skill that results in injury, loss or damage
Mandatory obligatory, containing or constituting a command
Maniac lunatic, madman
Manner a characteristic or customary mode of acting
Marijuana an intoxicating drug obtained from the hemp plant and smoked in cigarettes
Medicinal tending or used to relieve or cure disease or pain
Memorandum a written reminder
Merchandise the goods bought and sold in a business
Mileage distance in miles traveled
Misconduct intentional wrongdoing, improper behavior
Misdemeanor a crime less serious than a felony
Mistrial a trial that has no legal effect, as by reason of an error
Monetary of or relating to money
Morale morality, the mental and emotional attitudes of an individual to the tasks expected of him
Morgue a place where the bodies of persons found dead are kept until released for burial
Mutinous willful refusal to obey constituted authority, especially revolt against
Mysterious something not understood or beyond understanding
Narcotic a drug that dulls the senses and induces sleep
Necessary positively needed
Neglected disregarded, left undone or unattended, especially through carelessness
Neighborhood the section lived in by people located near one another, and usually having distinguishing characteristics
Nicotine a poisonous substance found in tobacco and used as an insecticide
Nondescript not belonging to any particular class or kind
Nuisance an annoying or troublesome person or thing
Obituary a notice of a person’s death
Objection to oppose something, protest
Obligation duty
Obscene repulsive, gross, coarse
Obsolete outmoded, no longer in use
Obstacle something that stands in the way or opposes
Obstruction the state of being blocked by an obstacle, hindrance
Occasion a special event
Offense crime
Officially formally
Omission to leave out or leave unmentioned, neglect
Opinion judgement
Opium an addictive narcotic drug that is the dried juice of a poppy
Opponent one that resists, adversary
Oppose to strive against, resist
Optional something offered for choice
Ordeal a severe trial or experience
Ordinary usual, to be expected
Origin ancestry, cause
Orphan a child deprived by death of one or usually both parents
Overtake to catch up with
Panic a sudden, overpowering fright, terror, fear
Pardon excuse of an offense without penalty
Partial biased
Particular of or relating to a specific person or thing
Pathetic evoking tenderness, pity or sorrow
Patience the practice, habit or fact of bearing pain or trials without complaint
Patients persons under medical treatment
Patrol the action of going the rounds for observation or the maintenance of security
Peaceable a state of calm and quiet
Peculiar belonging exclusively to one person or group, distinctive, queer, odd
Penalize to be punished for crime or offense
Penetrate to enter into
Penitentiary a state or federal prison
Periodic occurring at regular intervals of time
Perjury the voluntary violation of an oath to tell the truth, false swearing
Perpetrate to be guilty of, commit
Perseverance to persist
Persistent to go on resolutely or stubbornly in spite of difficulties
Personal private
Personnel the body of persons employed by or active in an organization, business
Persuade to move by argument or entreaty to a belief or course of action
Pertinent relating to the matter under consideration, relevant
Perverted turned away from what is right or good, corrupted
Petition an earnest request, entreaty
Pharmacy drugstore
Placard poster, an announcement posted in a public place
Placate to soothe, especially by concessions, appease
Plaintiff the complaining party in a lawsuit
Plight condition, state, especially a bad state
Polygraph an instrument for recording variations of several different pulsations
Pornography the depiction of erotic behavior designed primarily to cause sexual excitement
Possession control of property
Possible being within the limits of ability, capacity or realization
Precaution a measure taken beforehand to prevent harm
Precinct an administrative subdivision, district
Precise definite, exact
Predicament a difficult or trying situation
Prejudice an opinion for or against something without adequate basis
Preliminary something that precedes or introduces the main business or event
Presumptuous taking liberties, overbold
Prohibit to prevent from doing something
Punctual prompt
Punishment penalty
Pursuing chasing
Qualification imitation, modification
Quash to set aside by judicial action, void
Quell to put down, crush
Query question
Rampant unchecked in growth or spread, rife
Ransack to search thoroughly, especially to rob
Ratified approved and accepted formally
Reasonable moderate, fair
Rebuttal the act of refuting, especially formally, by evidence and arguments
Receive to take or acquire
Receptacle container
Recognize to identify as previously known
Recommend to present as deserving of acceptance or trial
Rectify correct
Recurrence to occur or appear again, especially after an interval
Regression reversion to an earlier mental or behavioral level
Regulate control
Reinforce to strengthen with new force, aid, material or support
Relentless mercilessly hard or harsh
Relevant bearing upon the matter at hand
Relinquish to withdraw or retreat from, abandon
Rendezvous a meeting in an appointed place
Representative a typical example of a group, class or quality
Reprimand a severe or formal reproof
Repulse rebuff, rejection
Reputation overall quality or character as seen or judged by people in general
Requisition formal application or demand
Residence dwelling
Resistance opposition
Responsible reliable, trustworthy
Restraint the state of being limited, restricted or kept under control
Restriction something that limits
Resuscitate to revive from a condition resembling death
Retribution punishment, revenge
Revenge to inflict harm or injury in return for a wrong, avenge
Robbery the theft of something from a person by the use of violence or a threat
Ruptured broken or torn apart
Ruthless having no pity, merciless, cruel
Salvage to rescue from destruction
Saturate to soak thorough
Screech shriek
Security safety, freedom from worry, protection
Seize take possession of by force, arrest
Severity marked by strictness or sternness
Significant important
Similar like, comparable
Simplify make less complex
Situation condition, circumstances
Smoldering to burn and smoke without flame
Solicit entreat, beg
Solitary lonely, secluded, sole, only
Spontaneous done or produced freely, naturally and without constraint
Statutory lawful
Stimulate to make active
Strive labor hard, to make effort, attempt
Substantiate verify, prove
Sufficient adequate to accomplish a purpose or meet a need
Suicide the act or an instance of intentionally killing oneself
Summons to call to a meeting or order to appear in court
Superficial of or relating to the surface or appearance only
Suppress subdue, keep from being known
Surveillance close watch, supervision
Suspect one who is imagined to be guilty without proof
Sympathizer one who feels or shows compassion, pity, favor or support
Systematic regular method or order
Tactic a device for accomplishing an end
Tactical of or pertaining to tactics
Tampering to carry on underhand negotiations; to interfere so as to weaken or change for the worse
Technical of or pertaining to tactics
Temperamental excessive sensitiveness or irritability
Tendency drift, trend
Termination conclusion, finish
Terminology the special terms used in a business, art, science or special subject
Testify to make a statement based on personal knowledge or belief
Testimony a solemn declaration made by a witness under oath, especially in a court of law
Theory a believable general principle offered to explain observed facts, hypothesis, guess
Thoroughfare a public road or street
Threshold the sill of a door
Tolerate to allow to be or be done without hindrance
Torment to cause severe suffering of body or mind, harass
Toxic poisonous
Tragedy a disastrous event, misfortune
Transaction an act or process of carrying out, performing, conducting, especially a business deal
Transcribe to write a copy of
Transient passing through a place with only a brief stay
Transparent clear enough to see through
Treacherous untrustworthy, unreliable
Turmoil an extremely confused or agitated condition
Ulterior going beyond what is openly said or shown, hidden
Ultimatum a final proposition, condition or demand
Unanimous being of one mind, agreeing
Unavoidable inevitable, unable to keep away from or prevent
Unconscious deprived of awareness
Understand to grasp the meaning of, comprehend
Uniformity the state of having the same manner, form or degree
Unique being the only one of its kind, single, sole
Universal present or occurring everywhere, unlimited, general
Unusual uncommon, rare
Urgent calling for immediate attention, pressing
Urinalysis analysis of urine, usually for medical purposes
Usually commonly or frequently encountered, experienced, observed or used
Utilize to make use of
Vagabond wandering, homeless
Vagrant one who wanders idly with no residence and no visible means of support
Vague not clear, not definite or exact
Valid having legal force
Vandalism willful or malicious destruction or defacement of public or private property
Variation a change in form, position or condition
Velocity speed, quickness of motion
Vengeance punishment inflicted in retaliation for an injury or offense, retribution
Venomous poisonous, spiteful, malicious
Venue the place in which the alleged events from which a legal action arises took place; also the place from which the jury is taken and where the trial is held
Verification to establish the truth, accuracy or reality of
Vestibule a passage or room between the outer door and the interior of a building
Vicinity nearness, neighborhood, a surrounding area
Victim a person cheated, fooled, injured or killed
Vigilance the state of being alertly watchful, especially to avoid danger
Vigorously carried out forcefully and energetically
Vindicate to set free from an obligation or consequences of guilt, avenge, absolve, exonerate
Violence exertion of physical force so as to injure or abuse
Visible capable of being seen, apparent
Vocabulary a list or collection of words usually alphabetically arranged and defined or explained
Voluntarily done, made or given freely and without compulsion
Voucher a written authorization
Vulgarity an instance of coarseness of manners or language
Vulnerable capable of being wounded, open to attack
Wandering to move about aimlessly or without a fixed course or goal
Warehouse place for the storage of merchandise
Warrant evidence of authorization, especially a legal writ authorizing an officer to take action
Weapon something (as a gun, knife or club) that may be used to fight with
Whimpering to make a low whining, plaintive or broken sound
Whispering to speak very low or under the breath
Wicked evil, sinful, morally bad
Withdraw to take back or away
Witness testimony; one that gives evidence, especially one who testifies in a cause or before a court
Worry to feel or express great care or anxiety, fret
Worthless valueless, useless
Wreckage ruin, broken remains
Yield to give way
Youngster child
Youthful being young and not yet mature, fresh
Zeal eager and ardent interest in the pursuit of something, enthusiasm, passion, fervor
Zest a quality of enhancing enjoyment, relish, gusto
Zone an area or region set off or distinguished in some way from adjoining parts
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