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Lesson 5 New Words

China Scene: An Advanced Chinese Multimedia Course

mò gēn Mo Gen, name of a person 莫根
gāng qín piano 钢琴
liàn xí qǔ etude 练习曲
yuè qǔ musical composition 乐曲
bù fèn part 部分
píng wěi the evaluation committee 评委
yī liú first rate 一流
yǎn zòu performance; to perform with a musical instrument 演奏
jiā specialist in a certain field 家
zé rèn gǎn sense of responsibility 责任感
yán gé strict, rigorous, stringent 严格
dú shēng zǐ nǔ single child 独生子女
zhǐ to refer to 指
péi yǎng to cultivate, to nurture, to foster, cultivation 培养
xíng chéng to form 形成
tè diǎn characteristics, attributes 特点
zhì lì intelligence, intellect 智力
fēi non, not 非
cǎi qǔ to adopt, to take 采取
tài dù attitude 态度
shě dé to be willing to part with, to not grudge 舍得
jīng lì energy 精力
bǐ rú for example 比如
xīng qī rì xué xiào weekend school 星期日学校
tí qín violin 提琴
gōng dé social morals 公德
láo dòng labor, work 劳动
píng héng balance; to balance 平衡
shè huì xué sociology 社会学
zǔ zhī to organize; organization 组织
gè fāng miàn various aspects 各方面
sù zhì quality, diathesis 素质
rì jì diary 日记
wèi lái future 未来
yīn yuè huì concert 音乐会
dēng tái liàng xiàng to appear on the stage 登台亮相
yǎn yuán actor or actress, performer 演员
tóu yī huí for the first time 头一回
tán to play (musical instrument) 弹
qín piano, musical instrument 琴
yè yú amateur 业余
kǎo jí to take a test to be placed at a certain level or group 考级
xuǎn bá to select, to choose (usually of person) 选拔
yōu xiù shēng outstanding student 优秀生
zhōu wéi nearby, in the vicinity of 周围
jiū jìng after all 究竟
cù jìn to promote 促进
kē xué huà "scientification", make more scientific 科学化
guī fàn huà standardization 规范化
jiàn lì to establish 建立
zhì dù system 制度
dà wù foggy 大雾
dà tīng hall 大厅
dùn shí at once 顿时
lín zhàn prior to battle, before battle 临战
qì fèn atmosphere 气氛
nèi róng content 内容
jī běn basic 基本
qiáng liè strong, intense 强烈
jìn zhù to pour in, to devote to 浸注
shì yè undertaking, cause 事业
jīng chéng the capital city 京城
shén tóng prodigy 神童
wáng yǔ jiā Wang Yujia, name of a person 王羽佳
bào míng to register 报名
zhǐ huī to conduct 指挥
yì shì sense, realization 意识
gǎi shàn improvement; to improve 改善
xū qiú need 需求
shàng shēng increase 上升
qiāo qiāo de quietly 悄悄地
xún cháng ordinary, common 寻常
bǎi xìng people 百姓
tái a classifier for piano 台
zhàn to occupy, to take up 占
bitter, causing hardship or suffering 苦
yì zhì will power, will 意志
pǐn zhì quality, character 品质
duàn liàn to train, to forge, to temper 锻炼
jìng zhēng competition 竞争
zhí dé worth, worthwhile 值得
yǎn chū to perform 演出
shì jì century 世纪
Created by: andreakim91
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