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Ag stack for Mr. S

Ag stack for Mr. S vocab

balance implimed equilbrium
color has greatest visual impact of all the design qualities
emphasis dominance of some elements of the design over others
form a frame or mold that holds liquid concrete to shape until it has set
formal design the exact same plants on each side of a view
informal design different plants and different sized plants on each side of a view, but the visual weights of these plants balance one another
line the outline of plants, plnat parts, and physical features
repetition repeating forms
scale the proportion of one object to another
sequence the uniformity of change from one item in the landscape to the next
texture the appearance of a plant in terms of coarseness or fineness, roughness or smoothness, heaviness or lightness, denseness or thinness
variety contrast in the design by selecting some plants with different qualities form the mass of plants
radiant energy energy from the sun's rays
goose egg plan a simple way to organize space and locate different areas of the landscape using rough ovals or circles
bed pattern the border that outlines where plants are located in the landscape
cuved bed pattern bed pattern designed with curving lines
Created by: aimee