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23Tom Swift AirScout

Robinson Curriclum

abandon to give up or to withdraw one's support
converse to engage in a spoken exchange of throughs, ideas, or feelings
deft quick and skillful; adroit
desperate having lost all hope; despairing
enthusiastic having or demonstrating interest or excitement
erect being in an upright position
forge to have reproduced for fraudulant purposes
inquiry the act or an instance of seeking truth, information, or knowledge
novelty something new, fresh, or unusual
perceptible discernible
regale provide great enjoyment or entertainment
reveal to make known; to bring into view; show
scan look over quickly and systematically
scuffle a rough, disorderly struggle
sprain to wrench or twist the ligaments of a joint
summon to call together; to send for
survey -v. to examine or look at comprehensively; scrutinize
termination conclusion
thoroughfare a main road or public highway
thorough in a detailed or complete manner
unscrupulous lacking in moral principles; without conscience
wrangle an angry, noisy dispute
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