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21 Tom Swift-Airship

Robinson Curriculum

admonish reprove gently; caution or warn
bestow present; confer
cease come to an end
clamor -v. make insistent demands or complaints
complacent contented; unconcerned
demur objection; hesitation
ebullition suddent, violent outpouring as of emotion
endeavor a conscientioius or concerted effort toward an end; an earnest attempt
exert to put forth strenuous effort
expeditious quick and efficient
gratification the state of being pleased or satisfied
impede retard or obstruct the progress of
imperative impossible to deter or evade; masterful
incoherent failing to give or incapable of giving clear or effective verbal expression to one's ideas or feelings
indignant feeling or showing strong displeasure
oblique -1 evasive; devious; misleading
quixotic idealistic without regard to praticality; caught up in the persuit of unreachable goals; capricious
scrutiny careful study; close obsesrvation; surveillance
tractable easily managed or controlled
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