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Native American Unit

Peotry, The Medicine Bag, and The Light in the Forest

endure to hold out against
aversion a strong feeling of dislike
bustle nervous or frantic activity
ominous foreboding
impassive without emotion
barbarous uncivilized, wild, savage
aloofness distant, uninterested
heathen uncultured, uncivilized, unreligious
constriction tightness or inward pressure
distorted twisted
overwhelmed to overpower or overcome
cunning shrewd, sly, deceiving
brusque abrupt, blunt, rough
solace comfort in sorrow, misfortune, or trouble
meritorious deserving praise
True Son a 15 year old white boy who was adopted by Indians as a baby
Cuyloga True Son's Indian father
Del Hardy white man who speaks delaware
Uncle Wilse True Son's white uncle
Harry Butler True Son's white father
Half Arrow True Son's Indian cousin and best friend
Colonel Bouquet The colonel who took True Son from his family
Myra Butler True Son's white mother
Little Crane a white woman's indian husband
Gordie True Son's white brother
Aunt Kate True Son's white aunt
Parson Elder the reverend in True Son's white village
Bejance a black slave in True Son's white village; basketmaker
Thitpan Little Crane's brother
Corn Blade A Lenape that lived near True Son's white village
Quaquenga True Son's Indian mother
Alec True Son's white cousin
Created by: nhpride