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CH 14 Vocab-Minerals

I'm the color of the mineral powder that is left behidn when a mineral is scraped across a surface streak
I'm the molten rock inside Earth. magma
I'm a solid formed in nature with a definite chemical makeup and a crystal structure. mineral
I'm the way in which light reflects from the surface of a mineral. luster
I'm the molten rock that reaches Earth's surface lava
I'm a substance that contains only one type of atom. element
I'm the tendency of a mineral to break along flat surfaces. cleavage
I'm a solid in which the atoms are arranged in an orderly, repeating three-dimensional pattern. crystal
I'm the tendency of a mineral to break into irregular pieces. fracture
I'm a mineral's resistance to being scratched. hardness
I'm rocks that contain enough of a valuable mineral to be mined for profit. ores
I'm the mass of a substance divided by its volume. density
For a mineral to display this characteristic, the atomic bonds are weaker in the direction in which the crystal breaks. cleavage
All samples of a mineral will show this same characteristic, even if they look completely different. streak
This material contains all the types of atoms found in minerals, and many minerals grow from it. magma
This characteristic is often measured according to Mohs scale, in which talc has a value of 1 and diamond a value of 10. hardness
Strip mining, open-pit mining, and deep mining are all methods of removing these rocks taht contain large amounts of a desired mineral. ores
This substance is always made up of the same elements in the same proportions. mineral
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