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Pharm 33-37 part 2

a patient will be receiving testosterone therapy for male hypogonadism and has a new prescription for transdermal testosterone (Testoderm), the nurse needs to include which teaching the patch should be applied only to the scrotum
before a patient begins therapy with finasteride (proscar), the nurse should make sure that which lab tests has been performed prostate specific antigen level
a patient is taking finasterid (Proscar) for the treatment of BPH. His wife who is 3 months pregnant is worried about the adverse effects that may occur with this drug. which statement by the nurse is the most important at this time this medication should not be handled by pregnant woman because it may harm the fetus
a male patient wants to know if there are any drugs that can be used for baldness. the nurse knows that which drug in low dosages is used for androgenetic alopecia in men finasteride (Propecia)
when assessing a patient who is receive a decongestant, the nurse will recognize that a potential contraindication to this drug would be glaucoma
when giving decongestants, the nurse must remember that these drugs have alpha adrenergic stimulating effects that may result in hypertension
the nurse is reviewing a patients medication orders for prn medication that can be give to a patient who has bronchitis with a productive cough, which drug should the nurse choose an expectorant
the nurse knows that an antitussive cough medication woud be the best choice for which patient patient who has recent abdominal surgery
a patient is taking a decongestant to help reduce symptoms of a cold. the nurse should instruct the patient to observe for which possible symptom, which may indicate an adverse effect of this drug heart palpitations
a patient asks the nurse for advise about one of the newer antihistamines that dose not cause drowsiness. which drug is appropriate loratadine (Claritin)
when giving an antitussive the nurse remembers that they are used primarily for what reason to stop the cough reflex when the cough is non productive
a patient has been self medicating with diphenhydramine (Benadryl) to help her sleep. She calls the clinic nurse to ask, "Why do i feel so tired during the day after i take this pill? I get a good night's sleep?" What is the correct statement this drug often causes a hangover effect during the day after taking it
a patient who has a history of asthma is experiencing an acute episodes of shortness of breath and needs to take a medication for immediate relief. Which medication will the nurse choose for this situation a beta agonist such as albuterol
after a nebulizer treatment with the best agonist albuterol, the patient complains of feeling a little shaky with slight tremors of the hands. His heart rate is 98 bpm increase from pretreatment of 88 bpm. the nurse knows expected adverse reaction to the medication
a patient has been receiving an aminophylline (xanthine derivative infusion for 24 hours. The nurse will expect to see which adverse effect when assessing the patient during the infusion sinus tachycardia
during a teaching session for a patient who will be receiving a new prescritption for the LTRA montelukast (Singulair), the nurse should tell the patient that the drug has which therapeutic effect reduces inflammation in the airway
after the patient takes a dose of an inhaled corticosteroid, such as fluticason, what is the most important action the patient should do next rinse out the mouth with water
for patients taking a leukotriene antagonist, the nurse should include which information in the patient teaching improvement should be seen within a week of use
which drugs acts by blocking luekotrienes, thus reducing inflammation in the lungs montelukast (singulair)
a patient in status aathamticus has not yet responded to epinephrine. The nurse will expect which drug to be used next aminophylline
when a patient is taking xanthine derivatives such as aminophylline, the nurse should monitor for which adverse effect tachycardia
a patient who is taking beta adrenergic agonist for bronchodilation may also take which type of inhaled drug for its inflammatory effects corticosteroids
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