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Pharm 33- 37

Pharm 33- 37 NCLEX 01/04

when monitoring for a therapeutic response to aminoglutethimide, the nurse will look for which potential outcomes decrease in cushings syndrome characteristics
the nurse has provided teaching about oral corticosteroid therapy to a patient. what statement by the patients shows a poor understanding of the information about this therapy I can stop this medication if I have adverse effects
During long term corticosteroid therapy, the nurse should monitoring the patient for cushing syndrome which is manifested by hypotension
when teaching a patient who has been prescribed a daily dose of prednisone, the nurse knows that the patient should be told to take the medication at wihch time of day to help reduce adrenal suppression in the morning
which teaching is appropriate for a patient who is taking an inhaled glucocorticoid for asthma rinse the mouth thoroughly after taking the medication
which medication is the preferred oral glucocorticoid for antiinflammatory or immunosuppresant purposes prednisone (Deltasone)
a patient has cushing syndrome. the nurse expects which drug to be used to inhibit the function of the adrenal cortex in the treatment of this syndrome aminoglutethimide (cytadren)
a patient who has been taking corticosteroid has developed a moon face and facial redness and has many bruises on her arms. which is the most appropriate nursing diagnosis disturbed body image
because coriticosteroids may cause sodium retention the nurse should closely monitor patients with which condition when administering corticosteroids heart failure
when the nurse is teaching patients about postmenopausal estrogen replacement therapy which statement is correct the smallest dose that is effective will be prescribed
when combination oral contraceptives are given to provide postcoital emergency contraception, the nurse should remember which fact they are not effective if the woman is already pregnant
when reviewing an order for dinoprostone cervical (Prepidil) the nurse recalls that this drug is used for which purpose to improve cervical inducibility (Ripening) near term for labor induction
a pregnant woman is experiencing contractions the nurse remembers that drugs such as terbutaline are used to prevent contractions during which timeframe before the 20th and 37th weeks
the nurse is assesing a patient who is to receive dinoprostone which condition would be a contraindication to the use of this drug ectopic pregnancy
when teaching a patient who is taking oral contraceptive therapy for the first time, the nurse relates that adverse effects may include which of the following nausea
the nurse is reviewing the use of obstetric drugs. Which situation is an indication for oxytocin (Pitocin) infusion induction of labor at full term
The nurse has provided patient education regarding therapy with the SERM raloxifene. Which statement from the patient reflects a good understanding of the instruction when i take that long flight to asia, i will need to stop taking this drug at least 3 days before i travel
the nurse is discussing therapy with clomiphene with a husband and wife who are considering trying this drug as part of treatment for infertility. It is important that they be informed of which possible effect of this drug multiple preganancies
a patient has been taking finasteride (proscar) for almost a year. The nurse know that which is important to evaluate at this time PSA Levels
The nurse is performing an assessment of a patient who is tasking for a prescription for sildenafil (Viagra). Which finding would be a contraindication to its use medication that includes nitrates
During counseling session for a group of teenage athletes the use of androgenic steroids is discussed, the nurse will explain that which problem is a rare but devastating effect of androgenic steroid use peliosis of the liver
the nurse is teaching a patient about the possible adverse effects of erectile dysfunction drugs. the patient should know that if he experiences priapism or an erection that lasts longer than 4 hours the most important action is to seek medical attention immediately
a patient is asking about the us of saw palmetto for prostate health. the nurse tells him that the drugs interact with saw include NSAID
a 19 year old college football player asks his friends mother who is a nurse about taking steroids to help him beef up his muscles. Which statement is true long term use may cause life threatening liver condition
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