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Food & Your Health

Chapter 2

Your bodies main source of energy. You need a lot of them, because your body uses them quickly. Carbohydrates
Substance in the body that help break down large nutrients. Digestive Juices
Name an example of a digestive juice. Saliva
A digestive juice that is produced in the mouth Saliva
Nutrients that give your body energy and help to build and repair your cells. Proteins
Nutrients that help your body grow and work, but does not provide energy. Minerals
Nutrients that help your body perform specific functions, but don't provide energy. Vitamins
Nutrients that give your body more energy than any other type of food. Fats
Your body stores extra of this. Fats
Name four functions of water: 1) a nutrient that helps break down food. 2) carries digested nutrients to your cells. 3) carries away waste. 4) most important nutrient we can give our body.
The woody substance in plants that helps move food and waste through the digestive system. Fiber
Name SIX forms of nutrients. Water, Fats, Minerals, Proteins, Vitamins, Carbohydrates
A tool that can help you have a healthful diet. Food Guide Pyramid
The amount of food you should eat during one meal or as a snack. Serving
A diet that is made up of a healthful amount of foods from each of the food groups. Balanced Diet
Having a high nutritional value. Foods with lots of nutrients. Nutritious
All of the things used to make a food. Ingredients
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