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7th grade

final exam review

waxing illumination getting larger
waning illumination getting smaller
illumination the amount of light
crescent when the moon is less than half the way
gibbous when the moon is more then half way
what are the 8 moon phases? first quarter, waxing crescent, full moon, waning crescent, last quarter, waning gibbous, new moon, waxing gibbous
what is a phase? the different appearances of the moon due to its changing positions
why does the moon have cyclical phases? The moons changing position relative to earth and the sun, As the moon revolves around earth,solar energy reflects off the side of the moon that faces earth.
why do the sun and the moon appear to move across the sky each day? Earth's rotation on its axis
What is happening when the Earth's shadow falls on the moon? Lunar Eclipse
when does the polar region get almost 24 hours of night? winter
waht causes the sunlight to hit earths surface differently? different lattitudes
where on earth will the temperature and amount of daylight stay about the same year-around? at the equator
where will the temperature be cooler because sunlight is spread over a larger area? at the north and south pole
during the winter in the U.S., which hemisphere gets less dayllight hours? northern hemisphere
during the summer in the U.S. , which hemisphere gets more daylight hours? northern hemisphere
compare the temeratures and length of days during th winter months in the norther hemisphere to the southern hemisphere. during the winter months in the northern hemisphere the southern hemisphere has higher temperatures and longers days
where do plants and animals get energy? plants: the sun; animals: the plants
descrive cellular respiration. it is the breakdown of food using oxygen
what is the equathion for cellular respiration? C6 H12 O6+6O2-->6CO2+6H2O+energy
what are the products of the cellular respiration? carbon dioxide, water, energy
what type of energy is released during cellular respiration? heat energy
where does cellelar respiration take place? mitochondria
describe photosynthesis. plants making food
what is used in photosynthesis? water, light, carbon dioxide
what are the products of photosynthesis? glucose and oxygen
what does photosynthesis mean? made by light
what molecules in the plants cells absorb light? chorophyll
where does photosynthesis take place? chloroplast
what is the equation for photosynthesis? 6CO2+6H2O+ light energy
what are factories? chloroplasts are analogous(similar)
what are the stages of exocytosis? 1) large particle are packed in vesicles 2)the vesicle fuses w/ the cell membrane 3) the cell releases the particle
what are the stages of endocytosis? producers are the source of energy for consumers without producers, consumers wouldn't live
why are prodcuers important to the survival of all other organisms? after the chromosomes are copied through mitosis
when does the parent cell divide during asexual reproduction in eukaryotes? 23
how many chromosomes does a human sex cell have? there are 2parents that combine their chromisomes which means more variety in offspring
sex cell an egg or sperm that carries half the amount of chromosomes of other cells
probability the mathematical chance that an event will happen
homologous pair a pair of chromosomes with similar information
meiosis cell division that produce sex cells
evolution the process by which populations inherit physical changes over time
mutation changes in an organisms DNA
natural selection when organisns with specific traits survive and reproduce at a greater rate than the organisms without those traits
what did mendal call the trait that seems to fade nto the backround in his genetic crosses? recessive trait
what is the difference between asexual and sexual reproduction asexual= 1 parent & sexual = 2 parents
genes are part of ___ that give instructions to the cell for expressing traits. DNA
How are genes and inherited traits similar and how are they different Genes are the instructions from which traits are inherited
What is the probability of the phenotypes and genotypes of crossing 2 heterogeneous genes? Genotypes BB=25%; Bb=50%. bb=25%
Explain asexual reproduction results in more-diverse offspring than asexual reproduction In asexual reproduction the cells are just copied from the parent. In sexual reproduction the geners from the 2 parents are combined to make a new individual w/its own genetics combination
Domintan traits The trait that appears (CAPITOL LETTER)
Recessive traits The trait that fades into the background (lower case letters)
What is the Human sex cell (blank)
How many chromosomas does it have the sex cell? 23
What are the 4 steps of human selection Over production, Genetic variation, struggle to survive, successful reproduction
Why some animals survive adulthood and other don't They inherited traits that help them to survive
Where does the genetic material that s responsible for dominant and recessive traits ca be found in the cells? (blank)
Created by: jlvon425