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Science Final

Stack #80777

A ______ is where two air masses with different characteristics meet. front
What type of pressure zone does cold air usually form? high
What is the averaged over a long period of time to determine the climate of an area? weather
What type of front do violent storms usually occur along? cold
The interaction of air, water and ______ cause weather. sun
What connects points o equal atmoshperic pressure? isobars
A _____ ______ is a large body of air with specific characteristics. air mass
What type of front occurs when a cold air mass slides under a warm air mass and forces it up? cold
Warm air can hold ____ water. more
The _____ _____ is the temperature at which air is saturated and condensation forms. dew point
What is a major influence on climate? land forms, large bodies of water, altitutude/latitude
What do you call a scientist that studies and forecasts the weather? meteorologist
When the air temperature drops (decreases) the water vapor in the air will condense and become a ____. liquid
Wind blows from areas of ______ pressure to areas of _____ pressure. high to low
Large group of stars, gas and dust held together by gravity. galaxy
Distance that light travels in one year. light year
Instrument that breaks light into its spectrum of colors. spectroscope
Earliest stage of a star's developement. nebula
Amost of a star's light observed on Eather. apparent magnitude
How does the sun produce energy? nuclear fusion, hydrogen to helium
Main sequence stars make up about _____% of all stars. 90
The theory that states that the universe was formed by a big explosion that sent matter and energy expanding out into space. Big Bang
What can the spectra of a star tell us? Temperature, composition, if its traveling towars or away
Group the following from smallest to largest : solar system, universe, galaxy. 1. solar system 2. galaxy 3. universe
Chemical reaction that absorbs energy. endothermic
Chemical reaction that releases heat. exothermic
Tells the number of atoms of each element. subscript
Process that produces a chemical change. chemical reaction
Matter cannot be created nor destroyed. law of conservation of matter
A compound has atoms of ______ than one type. more
Which of the following observations would indicate that a chemical change did NOT take place? 1. Something was burning. gas and bubbles were created, temperature change, or colors of substances mixed. colors of substances mixed
Where do the bubbles from when you put an Alk-Seltzer tablet in water? gas is formed, new substance is formed
What two elements are found in the compound CO2? carbon & Oxygen
Which of the following would NOT speed up a chemical reaction. Making the reactant particles larger, increasing the concentration of a reactant, adding a catalyst, increasing the temperature. making the reactant particles larger
The substances to the right of the arrow in a chemical formula. products
According to the law of conservation of mass, how does the mass of the products compare to the mass of the reactants? equal
Used the measure force. newton (N)
A push or pull. force
The distance traveled divided by the time needed to travel the distance. speed
Speeding up, slowing down or changing direction. accleration
an objects tendency to remain at rest or keep moving with a constant velocity. intera
How does friction affect a rolling ball? slows it down
If two balls of different masses are dropped from the same height which hits the ground with more force? The heaver or lighter ball? Why? heavier because it has more mass
how does an unbalanced force effect an object? causes it to acclerate
What causes an opened parachute to slow down the jumper? air resistance
Sound waves travel faster through a :solid, liquid, or gas solid
what of the following are electromagnetic waves: light, radio, x-ray, sound? light. radio, x-ray
Alleles that are only shown when two of the same are present. recessive
An organisms genetic makeup. genotype
Visible traits of an organism. phenotype
Organisms well adapted to their environment survive and produce at a great rate than other organisms do. natural selection.
alleles that show their effect whenever they are present in the genotype. dominant
which of the following is homozygous dominant? HH, Hh, hh HH
Which of the following is heterozygous? HH Hh Hh
Where are the instructions of the various hereditary traits of an organism located? nucleus of cells (DNA)
A large population of houseflies was sprayed with a fast acting insecticide. How do you explain the appereance of increasing numbers of houseflies that are unaffected by the insecticide? adapted & passed down genes
Give an example of an inherited trait. hair color, eye color
What would happen to the population of rabbits with brown fur it the climate changed and there was and increase in snow in the winter? more likely to become prey and not survive to reproduce
Mechanism that changes an internal condition in the body back to a normal state. negative feedback
moves blood through the body. circulatory system
tissues that work together. organ
smallest functional unit of an organism. cell
Maintaining a stable internal environment. Homeostasis
Which two systems work to rid the body of carbon dioxide? Digestive, Circulatory, or respritory Circulatory & respritory
Which two systems work to break down food and transport it to cells? digestive, circulatory, or respiratory digestive & circulatory
What type of effect does paving land have on stream discharge? increases it
Substances that contaminate the environment. polluntants
How can a person in a industrialized nation help protect the environment? use less energy
Piling up leaves and grss so they can be allowed to gradually decompse. composting
What makes up 40% of the mass of trash? paper
The careful use of resources to reduce damage to the environment. conservation
What is trapped in the atmosphere when forests are cut down and therefore are fewer plants to photosynthesize? carbon dioxide
What is one of the main causes of air pollution? cars
A combinationof smoke and fog is? smog
what is responsible for 60% of the smog in the US? cars
When emissions from coal-burning power plants is combined with sulfur acid, ____ _____ is created. acid rain
What is used to measure the strength of an acid? pH scale
What do factories use to help control air pollution? scrubbers
Which of the following are water pollutants? Bacteria, oil and gasoline, or runoff from mines oil and gasoline & runoff from mines
How do farms polluter water? use of fertilizers/insecticides
How do organisms in a predatory relationship interacter with eachother? Both feed on producers, both help each other, or one kills and consumes the other. one kills and consumes the other
How do producers get their energy? sun-photosynthesis
A minnow eats algae, what type of organism is the minnow? Producer, consumer, or decomposer consumer
Bats eat mosquitoes and other insects. If the population of bats increases how will this effect the insect population? cause it to decrease
Created by: MaddieMo