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Irregular verbs - More 1

base formpast formlast formGerman
be was/were been sein
become became become werden
break broke broken (zer)brechen
buy bought bought kaufen
catch caught caught fangen
choose chose chosen wählen
come came come kommen
cut cut cut schneiden
dig dug dug graben
do did done tun/machen
draw drew drawn zeichnen
drink drank drunk trinken
drive drove driven fahren
eat ate eaten essen
fall fell fallen fallen
feel felt felt fühlen
find found found finden
fly flew flown fliegen
forget forgot forgotten vergessen
get got gotten bekommen
give gave given geben
go went gone gehen
grow grew grown wachsen
hang hung hung hängen/aufhängen
have had had haben
hear heard heard hören
hit hit hit schlagen/treffen
hold held held halten
lay laid laid legen
learn learnt learnt lernen
leave left left verlassen
let let let lassen
lie lay lain liegen
light lit lit anzünden
lose lost lost verlieren
make made made machen
meet met met treffen
put put put setzen/stellen/legen
read read read lesen
ride rode ridden reiten
ring rang rung klingeln/läuten
run ran run rennen
say said said sagen
see saw seen sehen
send sent sent schicken
show showed shown zeigen
sleep slept slept schlafen
speak spoke spoken sprechen
spend spent spent verbringen
stand stood stood stehen
swim swam swum schwimmen
take took taken nehmen
tell told told erzählen/berichten
think thought thought denken
wake woke woken aufwecken
win won won gewinnen
write wrote written schreiben
sing sang sung singen
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