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Hospice and Palliative Care. Questions from CHPN study guide and other sources.

Palliative care does not limit a patient's options to pursue _________ but enhances the pt's quality of life by maximizing supportive care. curative treatment
What was the first Hospice in the U.S.? Connecticut Hospice in New Haven
The difference between the origin of hospice and palliative care in the U.S. is Palliative care grew from academic, teaching hospitals
The Connecticut Hospice was founded by Florence Wald (former Dean of the Yale Nursing school) in the early 1970's
Hospice is a philosophy of care to improve ____ in the terminally ill. QUALITY OF LIFE!
What is true when comparing eligibility for hospice care vs palliative care? PC allows for more aggressive therapies
The eligibility for hospice and palliative care is Hospice- 6 months PC- no time limit
____includes whatever therapies are medically indicated and desired y the pt. Palliative care
When is aggressive treatment NOT indicated? The s/e of the tx are more distressing than the potential benefit
Palliative care is primarily delivered in what type of setting? Acute care setting
Pt's near the end of life most often fear pain and being a burden to the family.
____is possible if attention is paid to the multiple dimensions that influence a person's quality of life. Healing
____comes from many physical and psychological causes. Suffering
__involves the whole person and transcends the bio-psycho-social-spiritual dimension. Suffering
In order to improve the quality of end-of-life care in the clinical environment, the nurse should strive to make transfers of pt's less frequent and disruptive; create standardized protocols and outcome measures; ensure continuity of care across time and provider settings
For a family caring for a dying pt at home cost of care can exhaust a family's financial resources
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