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Chapter 30

Final Exam

Bikini Atoll The sites of U.S. atomic weapons tests.
Agriculture Volcanic activity and flooding rivers both add nutrients back to the soil and keep it rich which leads to good farming. Also fish is in access in large numbers here.
Outrigger Canoe a small ship used in lagoons of islands wher Pacific Islanders settled.
Population Australia is the only inhabited continent that lies completely in the southern hemisphere.
Rabbits 24 rabbits were released in Australia in 1859. By 1900, there were more that a billion rabbits. They ruined pastures. In the 1900s the government fenced in 2,000 miles. In the 1950s, they infected them with myxomatosis.
Oceania The Pacific Islands. THe Philippines, Indonesia,and other islands near the mainland are not considered part of Oceania because their culture ties to Asia.
Wellington New Zealand's capital, southern tip of the North Island.
Christchurch One of New Zealand's larger cities, eastern side of South Island.
Southern Alps A mountain range on South Island, New Zealand.
Great Barrier Reef Often called the world's largest coral reef, it is really a 1,350 mile chain of more than 2,500 reefs and islands along Australia's northeast coast.
High Islands Islands made from vlocanoes.
Voyaging Canoes a large ship developed by Pacific Islanders to sail the ocean.
Atoll a ringlike coral island or string of small islands surrounding a lagoon.
Ring of Fire A chain of volcanoes that lie on the Pacific Rim.
Icecap Antartica's topography is hidden by a thick ice sheet. The ice sheet is the largest supply of freshwater in the world.
Atomic Testing in 1946, U.S. ordered islanders out and they dropped two atom bombs on Bikini atoll. Between 1951 and 58, the U.S. gov. dropped more than 60 A. bombs.
Australia Smallest continent. Southeast of Asia. Bounded by Pacific and Indian Oceans. Occupied by the continent of Australia.
Tasman Sea Sea southeast of Australia and North of New Zealand.
Pegasus Bay Bay off the coast of Christchurch.
New Zealand A country that consists of several islands, including north and south, in the Pacific Ocean off the southeastern coast of Australia.
Outback The dry interior in the inland of Australia.
Low Islands Islands made from coral.
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