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Pharm Jeopardy 12/29

Pharm Jeopardy 3 12/29 for Final

Type of medication used for bone pain NSAID
Class pain med used for post op narcotic (opioid) and short acting
Type of med used for terminal cancer pain and how delivered narcotic (opioid) and long acting
type of malignant tumor that occurs in bone, cartilage, muscle sarcoma
cancerous tumors that arise from epithelial tissue which covers all body surfaces carcinomas
cancer that occur within the lymphatic tissues are called lymphomas
contraindication to using otic drops perforated ear drum, tympanic membrane rupture
the primary reason we give antianginal drugs to a patient with chest pain increase coronary circulation or the blood to the heart
seizure medication used for neuropathic pain gapapentin (neurontin)
the most common form of skin cancer basal cell carcinoma
this drug is a pregnancy category x drug is used for acne accutane
impetigo is a bacterial skin infection that is best treated with bacitracin ointment
silvadene should not be used in patients allergic to sulfonamide drug
topical corticosteroids when administered via preparation are the most penetrating ointments
dopamine is used in heart failure. How is the drug delivered continuous IV infusion via an IV pump
the adverse effect when tyramine foods are eaten when taking an MAOI hypertensive crisis
this drug is used when organ transplant is being rejected muromonab-CD3
this is the drug of choice for a person newly diagnosed with HTN. It would be especially good in african american thiazide diuretic
tamulosin or flomax is an alpha blocker used for BPH and should be used with caution with patients with this hypotension
pain patches used for localized pain. Used in postherpetic neuralgia from shingles lidocaine patches
Created by: infamousjiggz