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Pharm Bingo 12/28

Pharm Bingo Final 12/28

written or oral prescriptions that expire in 6 months C-III
Adverse reactions of psychotropic drugs or something you see in Parkinson's disease extrapyramidal symptoms
drugs that influence the heart rate chronotropic
an abnormal or unexpected response to a medication idiosyncratic reaction
a low potassium hypokalemia
drugs that stimulate and mimic the sympathetic nervous system adrenergic agonists
drugs used to control or suppress appetite anorexiants
measure of the extent of drug absorption for a given drug bioavailability
length of time the concentration of a drug in blood or tissue is sufficient to elicit a response duration of action
drugs that reduces cough antitussive
site where a child should receive an IM injection vastus lateralis
site where an adult should receive an IM injection ventrogluteal site
lowest concentration of drug reached in the body after it falls from peak level trough level
A normal thyroid level euthyroid
the ratio between toxic and therapeutic concentrations therapeutic index
when the amount of drug removed via elimination is equal to the amount of drug absorbed each dose steady state
variation in response of a drug because of age gender and size drug polymorphism
drugs used to increase the force of contraction of the heart ionotropic
These can only be given with written prescriptions there are no refills C II
Time required for a drug to elicit a therapeutic response on set of action
Most intangible component of the learning process affective domain
Initial metabolism in the liver or GI tract before it reaches the systemic circulation first pass effect
Reduced response to a drug after prolonged use tolerance
Drug of interaction where the sum of both drugs is greater than each drug combined synergistic
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