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Pharm Jeopardy 12/28

Pharm Jeopardy 12/28 for Final

Possible fetal risk in Humans, but possible benefits may outweigh risks category D
A dilantin level of 25 high
Bradycardia Beta Blockers
Blow your nose first before administering a nasal spray
A potassium level of 2.8 hypokalemia
Fetal abnormalities reported and positive evidence of risk in humans category x
It is important to determine this when giving medications to children safe high low safe dose range
First pass elimination is this in infants reduced
Children might take medications easier if it is mixed with this sherbet or ice cream
What is an irritating cough Ace inhibitors
Instructions given with humibid increase fluid intake
If you have trouble coordinating the use of an inhaler. You might want to try this spacer
Myopathy and raised liver enzymes HMG-CoA reduction inhibitors, statins
Hypokalemia diuretics, lasix
Sedation, dry mouth, urinary retention antihistamine
How antiprotozoal drugs should be taken with food
Tell women this when they are being treated with vaginal antifungal drug to abstain from sex
A digoxin level of 1.5 therapeutic normal
A vancomyosin trough level of 25 high
TPN may be given if this lab is low albumin
Created by: infamousjiggz