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drug aka

amiodarone cordarone
lidocaine xylocaine
procainamide pronestyl
adenosine adenocard
diltiazem cardizem
digoxin lanoxin
verapamil isoptin/calan
nifedipine procardia
dopamine inatropin
epinephrine adrenalin
nor epinephrine levophed
atropine sulfate none
labetolol normodyne
vasopressin pitressin
calcium chloride none
magnesium sulfate MAG
sodium bicarbonate bicarb
morphine sulfate MSO4
naloxone narcan
nitroglycerin nitrostat
aspirin asa
ipratropium atrovent
albuterol proventil/ventolin
methlyprednisolone solu-medrol
succinycholine succs
vercuroniu norcuron
midazolam versed
etomidate amidate
cetacaine hurricane spray
furosemide lasix
heparin none
dilantin phenytoin
lorazepam ativan
phenobarbital luminal
diazepam valium
dextrose D50
glucagon none
diphenhydramine benedryl
zofran ondansetron
tetracaine ponticaine
nalbuphine nubaine
fentanyl sublimaze
kelorolac toadol/NSAID
acetaminophen tylenol
oxytocin pitocin
flumazenil rumazicon
pralidoxime 2PAM
neo-synephrine none
Created by: heatherenigma