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anatomy 1

developmental disorders, teratogens, fertilizations

kleinfelder's xxy
tuners syndrome 45, xo
sterile-hyalinization of testicles, small testes, long lower limbs, gynecomastia kleinfelder's
short, webbed neck, broad chest, widely separated nipples, lymph-edema of feet and hands, lack of sexual maturity turners syndrome
flat nasal bridge, slanting eyes, low alfa fetoprotein, mental deficiency, AVSD down syndrome
down syndrome 47, trisomy 21
amniotic band syndrome fetal entrapped in fibrous amniotic bands; likely due to oligohydramnios; most comm reason for amputation in kids;
maternal diabetes caudal regression syndrome
lithium ebstein's syndrome (atrialized RV)
valproate inhibition of intestinal folate abs
indiff genetalia is assumed to be from WHAT, until proven otherwise? CAH-congenital adrenal hyperplasia
CMV infected fetus: cerebral calcifications, microcephaly, hydrocephaly
varicella infected fetus: mental retardation and muscle wasting
sperm count considered to be sterile? 50 million/ejaculation or 10mil/ml
4 phased of menstrual cycle menstrual, proliferative, secretory, premenstrual
site of fertilization ampulla of fallopian tube
lower quadrant abd pain with missing regular menstrual cycle ectopic pregnancy until proven otherwise
blastomeres 1-8 cells, cleavages from zygote
morula 12-16 cells, form inner cell mass and trophoblast
blastocyst day 7, form blastocoele cavity
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