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Pharm Jeopardy 12/22

Pharm Jeopardy 12/22 for Final

An adverse effect of Antineoplastic therapy presents with ulcerations, bleeding and painful areas in the mouth stomatis
The type of malignant tumors that arise from connective tissue sarcomas
This may prevent chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting when to administer antiemetics 30-60 minutes before
First sign of infection of a patient with bone marrow suppression fever or chills
This drug besides being used in constipation is also used in liver failure to reduce ammonia levels lactulose
Term for the lowest neutrophil count reached after a course of chemotherapy nadir
Antacids with aluminum salts might cause this constipation
Antacids containing magnesium should be used with caution with these patients renal failure
Bulk forming laxatives should be taken with a lot of water to prevent fecal impaction
Possible adverse effect of pepto bismol which is an absorbent used for diarrhea darken stools
These drugs promote gastric emptying prokinetic
Which medications will interact with pepto-bismol coumadin
H Pylori is treated with a proton pump inhibitor and this antibiotic
This is a potential problem when taking mineral oil as a laxative lipid pneumonia
This may impair the absorption of H2 antagonist such as tagamet smoking
This may happen form excessive use of sodium bicarbonate metabolic alkalosis
Antihistamine antiemtics effect this system central nervous system
A scopolamine patch should be changed 3 days
Which class of antiemetics has proven most effective in preventing chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting serotonin blockers
Adverse effects of serotonin blockers Headaches
Created by: infamousjiggz