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Words for Survival J

Japanese words and phrase from FFSC

Irashaimase-when arriving in a store Welcome
_________wa-arimasu-ka? Do you have__________?
Ikura-desu-ka? How much is it?
Motto-ookii-no-wa-arimasuka? Don't you have a bigger one?
Takai Expensive
Yasui Cheap
Chiisai Small
Mijikai Short
Nagai Long
Nini-ni-shimasu-ka? What would you like to have?
Tenpura deep fried fish/wegetables/shrimp
Yakitori grilled chicken on a stick
Sukiyaki beef and vegetables cooked in pan
Ramen Chinese noodles
Yakisoba fried noodles
_____________ wo-nuite-kudasai. I have to avoid food containing(name of the food).
Aji-no-moto M.S.G
Buta-niku Pork dish
Ke-cha-ppu Ketchup
Mayo-ne-e-zu Mayonnaise
Hitotsu Quantitie of 1
Futatsu Quantitie of 2
Mittsu Quantitie of 3
Yottsu Quantitie of 4
Itsutsu Quantitie of 5
Muttsu Quantitie of 6
Nanatsu Quantitie of 7
Yattsu Quantitie of 8
Kokonotsu Quantitie of 9
Jyuu or Tou Quantitie of 10
Ari-ga-tou Thanks
Hai Yes
Iie No
Sumima-sen Excuse me
Gomen-nasai I'm sorry
Hashi Chopsticks
Ho-ku Fork
Norimono Transport
________________ ni-itte-kudasai Please take me to (name of place).
_________________made ikura desuka? How much will it cost to go to (name of the place)?
Densha Train
_______________ ni ikimasuka? Does this train go to (name of the train station)?
Doko de nori-kae masuka? Where do I have to transfer?
Kono densha wa ______________ ni tomari masuka? Does this train stop at (name of the train station)?
Eigo no Rosenzu wa arimasuka? Do you have an English train/subway map?
Chika-tetsu Subway
Kaku-eki-teisha Local Train
Kyu-ko Limited Express
To-kkyu Express
Ohayo Gozaimasu Good morning
Konnichiwa Hello (Good afternoon)
Konbanwa Good Evening
Sayounara Good-Bye
Oyasumi Nasai Good night
Doumo Arigatou Gozaimasu Thank you very much.
Ogenki desu ka? How are you?
Hai, genki desu. Fine, thank you.
Hajimemashite I'm pleased to meet you.
Douzo yoroshiku Nice to meet you.
Hai, wakarimasu. Yes, I understand.
Iie, wakarimasen No, I don't understand.
______wa doko desu ka? Where is the _________?
Onamae wa nan desu ka? What is your name?
Eigo wo Hanashimasu ka? Do you speak English?
Nihongo wo Hanashimasen. I don't speak Japanese.
Onegai shimasu Please do me a favor.
Douzo Please go ahead.
Onegai shimasu (Douzo) Please (Here you are)
Sou desu ka? Is that so (Really)?
Chotto Matte Kudasai Please wait a moment.
Sumimasen (2) Pardon me.
Wakarimasu ka? Do you understand?
Suki desu. I like it.
Kirai desu. I don't like it.
Kore wa nan desu ka? What is this?
Mou ichido itte kudasai. Please say that again.
_______wo kudasai. Please give me a ________.
Nanji desu ka? What time is it?
Douitashimashite You are welcome.
Ichi One
Ni Two
San Three
Shi (Yon) Four
Go Five
Roku Six
Shichi (Nana) Seven
Hachi Eight
Kyu (Ku) Nine
Ju Ten
Hyaku Hundred
Sen Thousand
Man Ten Thousand
En Yen
Otoko Male
Onna Female
Eki Train
Hito People
Iriguchi Entrance
Deguchi Exit
Nihon Japan
Yama Mountain
Kawa River
Ki Tree
Hayashi Woods
Mori Forest
Created by: LibertyLig