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Fund Jeopardy 12/21

Fund Jeopardy 12/21 Final

Assessment that involves one part of the body focused assessment
The nurse writes the patients response to the illness diagnosis
Collection, validation and communication of patient data assessment
Blended skill used when the nurse collaborates with another team member for the good of the patient interpersonal
Way to form and shape one’s thinking critical thinking
Focus of a diagnostic statement for a collaborative problem potential complication
Describe a psychomotor outcome demonstrate
Cardiac sinoatrial node regulates the pulse
Tympanic temperature core temperature
Primary purpose of incident report to identify the risk
Patient states pain is a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10 intensity
Primary purpose of outcome identification and planning of the nursing process Design a plan of care for and with the patient
Nurse and patient measure achievement of planned outcomes of care evaluation
How the nurse prioritizes patient interventions maslows hierarchy of needs
This is what you observe on an assessment objective data
Valsava maneuver does this to the pulse decrease the rate
What happens to your heart rate with a fever tachycardia
Population at greatest risk for hypertension african americans
State of infection that is the most infections prodromal stage
The learning domain when the patient can tell you the side effects of a medication cognitive
Created by: infamousjiggz