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Fund Bingo 12/21

Fund Bingo 12/21 for Final

a new s4 may indicate this Acute Mi
test to determine if the ulnar and radial artery are patent Allen Test
when disease is present but symptoms are not experienced Remission
to be eligible for home health care through medicare, the patient must be Homebound
major affect of a health crisis on a family structure is this Change in the roles
rapid onset of symptoms what last a relatively short time Acute Illness
when care givers need a break for a loved one, this might be available Respite Care
people provide end of life care Hospice
if a nurse says i think something is wrong with the patient, what type of clinical decision making is this Intuitive
where S1 is best heard Apex of Heart
painful intercourse Dyspareunia
focuses on acute health care on this health care setting Hospitals
edema, the lower extremities with no pigmentation or ulceration is usually this Lymphedema
after a plan is established during the nursing process, the nurse does this Implementing
these colleagues evaluate swallowing Speech Therapist
this is given when one patient is transferred from one floor to another Verbal Report
best way to know if a patient or family understands Return demonstration
the state of optimal functioning is Health
when you facilitates transition of care you are providing continuity of care
S3 is normal in this individual adolescent
infection technique to implement at home health hand washing
cold clammy skin and loss of hair of lower extremities may indicate this arterial insufficiency
the most basic of maslow’s hierarchy physiologic
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