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sciieenccee Ch.1

The level of organisation in the body consist of... cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems
Group of similar cells that preform the same functin... a tissue
Contract or shorten Muscle tissue
Directs and controls the process nervous tissue
provides support for ur body and connects all its parts connective tissues
protects the delicate structures that lie beneath...example : skin epithelial tissue
The process by which the organism's internal enviro is kept stble in spite of changes in external enviro.. homeostasis
Examples of homeostasis : when ur too warm, u sweat
the reaction of ur body to potentially threathening, challengingm or disturbing events is... stress
as a result of stress u mayy,,, increase in breathing or heart rate.
What is ur skeleton's five major functions? Shape and support, enables movement, protects organs, produces blood cells, and stres minerals.
An adult has **** bones than a baby bc a baby's bones fuses together less
a back bone has ** small bones or ******* 2six vertebrae
A place in the body where 2 bones come together is called a joint
the 2 kinds of joints are immovable and moveable joints.
immovable allow little movement or none at all
movable allows bones to move
the bones in movable joints are held together by strond connective tissues called ligaments
The second type of connective tissues are catilage
a hinge joint allows movement in forward and backwards motions
example of hinge joint knee or elbow
ball and socket allows the greatest range of motion
ball and socket example: hips or shoulder
pivot joint allows one bone to rotate around one another
pivot joint example: neck
gliding joint allows one bone to slide over one another
gliding joint example: wrist or ankle
complex living structures that undergo growth and developement Bones
Compact bones is a hard, dense, bone membrane
small spaces within a bone spongy bone
connective tissue in the spaces of the bone marrow
2 types of marrow aree yellow and red
as an infant, much of ur skeleton is made of cartilage
Xray Advantage : Disadvantage: shows bones can damge cells
MRI advantages: disadvantages: show images clear, shows interal organs,shows at any angle EXPENSIVE
Created by: MeganRe