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Health - Nutrition

Review for Test

taking in the same number of calories you use energy balance
unhealthy, excessive dieting anorexia
limiting the amount of food you eat portion control
nutrients your body uses for growth proteins
the building blocks of your body proteins
the nutrients that contain the most calories per gram fats
a nutrient such as calcuim or iron mineral
the nutrients your body uses for most of its energy carbohydrates
all the things that make up a prepared food. ingredients
chemicals added to foods to keep them from spoiling preservatives
food coloring found in some packaged foods is an ____ additive
a measure of energy in food calories
a tool that helps people plan a healthful diet MyPyramid
a bad reaction to a food most other people can eat food allergy
6- 11 servings Grains
3 - 5 servings Vegetables
2 - 4 servings Fruits
3 - 4 servings Milk
2 - 3 servings Meat and Beans
Created by: lachapellt