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Fund Bingo Test 4

Fund Bingo Nutrition and Bowel

difficulty swallowing or the inability to swallow dysphagia
low carb diet ketosis
an eating disorder characterized by extreme weight loss, muscle wasting, arrested sexual development, refusal to eat, and bizarre eating habits anorexia
Aging, prolonged fasting,and sleep decrease metabolic rate
contain only foods that are clear liquids at room or body temperature—gelatin, fat-free broth, bouillon, ice pops, clear juices, carbonated beverages, regular and decaffeinated coffee, and tea clear liquid
feeding remaining in the stomach, check before each feeding or every 4 to 6 hours during a continuous feeding residual
measurements are used to determine body dimensions anthropometric measurements
replace a disposable feed-ing apparatus for open systems every 24 hours
position of enema sims
if infant is not breast fed, they need this mineral formula with iron
vitamin used to metabolize alcohol vitamin B
lowest position of enteral feedings 30 degrees
hold enteral feeding for residual greater than 200 mL
liquid feces ileostomy
chemical tests commonly used to determine occult blood in the stool hematest
infant stool characteristics, can pass from 2 to 10 stools daily breast fed baby
ideal body weight 20%
levels indicate short-term nutritional status and can be used to detect daily changes in a patient’s protein status prealbumin
NGT tube check x-ray
inadequate fluid or fiber intake constipation
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