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science exam2011

exam for 1st 9 weeks

in a controled experiment, how many variables should be teseted? one
a cylinder of gold (au)has a mass of 150g on earth , what is the mass of this same cylinder if it traveled to mars? 150 G mass does not change
to explain an observation yo made, you cold develop a..... hypothesis
what is the best way to find out what causes change in a dependent variable? condct an experiment
on the periodic table, chromiun has th symbol Cr, an atomic number of 24, and a mass number of 52.how many protons does chromium have? 26
in what state of matter are the molecules far apart and constently moving at high speeds? gas
variable means what? it is the factor that changes in an experiment
define adaptive bioengineering and give an example... any enginerring that changes an organism perminatly
if a sodium atom with a -2 has 11 protons,and 12 neutrons,how many electrons does it have? 13 because it gains 2 electrons
the main biofuel on the market today is ethinol,a fuel made from corn. which type of bioengineered product is ethinol adaptive because corn to ethinal is a perminant change
an iron block had an initial mass of 100 grams. as the block rusted ,it mass increased.what best explains why the mass increased? oxygen comindes with iron to create iron oxide
describe the law of conservation of mass and give an example. mass cannot be created or destroyed.example- a balanced equation or 2 grams of copper and 4 grams of sulfr combine to produce 6 grams of copper sulfate
list the broperties of an acid. sour taste, corrosive, turn blue litmus paper red,and ph below 7
what is best used with a bar magnet to produce an electric current? a wire coil
in order to prolong the shelf life of fruits and veges, compianies expose some types of fruits and veges to x-rays in order to kill bacteria.What describes the irrated fruits and veges? assisitive bio engineered product
The machine was produced and sold to the public. After several months, reports show the machine in not working correctly. What most likelycaused this outcome? THE PROTOTYPE WAS NOT TESTED BEFORE USE BY THE PUBLIC
A student asks why the ashes from a fire have a much lower mass than the wood that was burned. What is the correct answer to the student’s question? GASES ARE RELEASED INTO THE AIR
The sun is much larger than the moon. What best explains why the moon, despite its smaller size, has a greater effect on ocean tides than the sun does? THE MOON IS MUCH CLOSER TO EARTH
What two items are best to use to determine the combined volume of three small rocks? GRADUATED CYLINDER AND WATER
Which properties most likely indicate that a substance is a base? BITTER TASTE, SLIPPERY FEEL, CORROSIVE, RED LITMUS PAPER TURNS BLUE, pH ABOVE 7
What properties most likely indicate that a substance is a base? BITTER TASTE, SLIPPERY FEEL, CORROSIVE, RED LITMUS PAPER TURNS BLUE, pH ABOVE 7
Wire coils spinning between two magnets will produce AN ELECTRIC CURRENT
A student recorded the speed of several blue cars versus several red cars over the course of 1 day.The average speed of red cars was 70 mph,while the average speed of blue cars was 68 mph. The student concludes that red paint makes cars go faster.error? The conclusion claims that there is a cause and effect without evidence.
A student wants to test how the concentration of phosphorus in a fertilizer affects plant growth. In designing this experiment, the dependent variable would most likely be PLANT GROWTH
A student designs an experiment to test the acidity of the water in several ponds near an industrial area. Which tool would best help a student obtain accurate data? pH INDICATORS
A student coils a copper wire around a bar magnet. What action will cause the device to generate electricity? MOVING THE MAGNET THROUGH THE COPPER WIRE WHICH CHANGES THE MAGNETIC FIELD
What keeps Earth in its orbit? THE GRAVITY OF THE SUN
Which statement best describes what the planet Saturn, a lizard, and a steaming kettle have in common? THEY THEY ARE ALL MADE OF ATOMS
A glass of ice water is on a table in a room where the room’s air temp is 20 degrees Celsius. What do the drinking glass, ice, water, and air all have in common? THEY ARE ALL MADE OF ATOMS
A student designs an experiment to determine how surface type affects the amount of force needed to roll a ball 20 meters. What is the independent variable? SURFACE TYPE
Describe how you would know that combination of substances is a compound? THEY IDENTITY AND COMPOSTION OF THE SUBSTANCES HAVE CHANGED TO CREATE A NEW PRODUCT
A student observes that a gas is formed when chemical Y is added to chemical Z in the lab. The students observations of a new product being formed in the common outcome of all CHEMICAL CHANGE
Differentiate between the chemical symbols of an element and a compound ELEMENT CHEMICAL SYMBOLS ONLY HAVE ONE CAPITAL LETTER, COMPOUND CHEMICAL SYMBOLS HAVE TWO OR MORE
Compare and contrast mass and weight? MASS-STAYS THE SAME, SI UNIT-KG OR G, MEASURE WITH PAN BALANCE
Why are chemical properties harder to observe than physical properties? CHEMICAL PROPERTIES CAN ONLY BE OBSERVED DURING A CHEMICAL CHANGE
Which physical property of matter describes the relationship between mass and volume? DENSITY
Souring milk is an example of a CHEMICAL CHANGE
Which type of reaction gives off energy? EXOTHERMIC
How does a basketball under high pressure compare to a basketball under low pressure? THERE ARE MORE PARTICLES OF GAS
Boyle’s law states that for a fixed amount of PRESSURE AND VOLUME ARE INVERSELY RELATED
Which elements make up most of the atmosphere of Earth NITROGEN
How do the particles of water that evaporate from an open container differ from the particles that remain? MORE SPEED AND MORE ENERGY
What occurs to that particles of a substance when a liquid becomes a gas THE PARTICLES GAIN ENERGY AND SPREAD APART
The change from a solid directly to a gas is called SUBLIMATION
Describe the particles of a liquid? THE PARTICLES SLIDE PAST ONE ANOTHER
Describe what happens as the temperature of a gas in a balloon increases THE VOLUME INCREASES
Boiling points and freezing points are examples of PHYSICAL PROPERTIES
What will break down compounds A CHEMICAL CHANGE
If a spoonful of salt is mixed in a glass of water, what is the water called SOLVENT
What best describes chicken noodle soup? MIXTURE
A solution that contains a large amount of solute is best described as CONCENTRATED
In Thomson’s “plum-pudding” model of the atom, the plums represent ELECTRONS
If an isotope of uranium, uranium-235, has 92 protons, how many protons does uranium-238 have? 92
The discovery of which particle proved that the atom is not indivisible? ELECTRONS
The vertical column on the periodic table is called a(n) GROUP
How do the physical and chemical properties of the elements change? ACROSS EACH PERIOD
Which element has 8 electrons? ALL ELEMENTS IN GROUP 18 EXCEPT HELIUM
Describe the properties of metals. SHINY, GOOD CONDUCTORS, MALLEABLE AND DUCTILE
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