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Eng 140 final review

Poetic Meter The number of beats per line in a poem
Iambic Soft/Loud
Trochaic Loud/Soft
Trimeter pattern in which there are three beats to a line
Tetrameter Pattern in which there are four beats
Rhyme scheme ABABCC- The rhyming sounds at the end of each line
Assonance The repetition of identical or similar vowel sounds in neighboring words
Discursive Characterization Telling about a character-simple facts about a character's age, looks, education, values, etc
Dramatic Characterization When a character reveals the truth about him/herself through thr things the character says and does.
Character on Character Characterization Occurs when a character is revealed by the things and the people which a character surrounds him/herself with
Hawthorne's Head/Heart Concept Both the cause and cure of a person's problems are found in the heart, but the heart alone can't cure it. Only when head and heart work together can do we get health and goodness.
Antagonist In conflict with the protagonist
Protagonist Main character who makes the controlling decision
Reforming Character Character who changes for the better
Simile Making a comparison using like or as
Didactic Intending to teach a moral lesson
Denouement End of the story
Medias Res Story that starts in the middle of end and tells through flashbacks
Prose Not poetry; ordinary form of spoken or written language.
Enjambment Continuation of a sentence or clause over a line break
Humanities Man's attempt to explain himself and his world. Literature, visual art, music and dance, and architecture
Created by: LxExplosionx93