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C27 EA RuggedTerrain

final exam words

Typhoon a trpoical storm that occurs in the western Pacific
Population more than 60% of the japanese live on only 3% of the land, which the population is full along the coastal plains, cities are very polluted, and they adapt to small space very quickly
Gobi Desert one of the largest deserts in te world, stretches from China into Mongolia, covers 500,000 sq mi, prime area for findind dinosaur fossils
PCBs industrial polluntants that build up in animal tissue and can cause disease and birth defects, during the 1950-1960 Japanese cities were having PCBs and was later banned in 1977
Climate Zones High-latitude- Subartic & Highland Mid-latitude-Humid Continental &Humid Subtropical Dry- semiriad & desert Tropical- Tropical wet
Kunlun Mountains mountains located in the west of China that are the source of two of China's great rivers, the Huang He and Chang Jiang
Three Gorges Dam a dam begun in the late 20th c. on the Chang Jiang in China, to help control flooding, generate power, and allow ships to sail farther into China
Landfill method of solid waste disposal in which refuse is buried between layers of dirt to fill in or reclaim low-lying ground, japanese have used landfill to reclaim land for most of the cities along the coast, used to enlarge Japan's ports
Created by: DanielaCavallo