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Chpt 18 Vocab.

Vocab. for final exam for Coach Walker.

Nile River The world's longest river.
Mount Kilimanjaro Africa's Highest Mountain
Coffee 2nd most profitable commodity in Africa.
Climate Areas The Deserts; The Tropics
Aquifer huge stores of underground water
Aswan High Dam a dam on the Nile River in Egypt, completed in 1970, which increased Egypt's farmable land by 50% and protected it from droughts and floods.
Rift Valleys a long, thin valley created by moving apart of the continental plates, present in East Africa, streching over 4,000 miles from Jordan in Southwest Asia to Mozambique in Southern Africa.
Escarpment a steep slope with a nearly flat plateau on top.
Sahara the largest desert in the world
Serengeti Plain an area of East Africa, containing some of the best grasslands in the world and many grazing animals.
Desertification an expansion of dry conditions to moist areas that are next to deserts.
Created by: abbiebram