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earth's systems

flash cards

what is the lithosphere? all the land in the earths system
which sphere includes all the planets living things? biosphere
define atmosphere it contains all the air in the earth's system
what is the hydrosphere? it contains all the solid, liquid and gaseous water of the planet.
what are "plates"? they are pieces of the crust
what are the plate types? continental and oceanic
which type of plate is thicker continental
what is a pangea it is the name of a supercontinent formed 100-200 million years ago
what is plate tectonics it is a theory of the movement of continents
which type of plate boundary involves two plates moving towards one another? convergent
what is a divergent boundary it involves 2 plates moving apart
which boundary involves two plates sliding along side one another transform boundary
what will form when two continental plates converge? fold mountains
when 2 oceanic plates converge what forms? magma will rise to form volcanoes
what does the build up of pressure due to transform boundary result in? earthquakes
what is the point where an earthquake starts called? focus
what is the strength of an earthquake known as? magnitude
what scale indicates the earthqaukes strength? Richter scale
what are the layers of the earth? crust , mantle, and core
what causes the plates to move? convection currents in the mantle
what can be found directly under the plates of the earth's crust a soft mantle
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