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Canada Unit Test

Canada Unit

What province is rich in oil and gas? Alberta
What is the most western province? British Columbia
What is the smallest province? Prince Edward Island
In what province could you see the best whale watching in the world? Newfoundland
Which province has the Bay of Fundy? New Brunswick
Which province has the most french speaking people? Quebec
What province's flower is the trillium? Ontario
What province is the polar bear capital of the world? Manitoba
What province is considered the education province as it has over 12 universities? Nova Scotia
What eastern region is known for fishing as its main natural resource? Appalachian Region
What is the largest region? Canadian Shield
What region is known for the legend of the Ogopogo? Cordillera
This region was named after the large river that runs through it St. Lawrence Lowlands
This is the coldest region...and the main mode of transportation is airplane. Arctic Lowlands
This region is considered the 'bread basket' capital of Canada. Interior Plains
In this region, a large number of people fish, hunt and trap for a living. Hudson Bay Lowlands
This is the largest great lake Lake Superior
This is the shallowest and warmest lake. Lake Erie
This great lake is completely in the United States. Lake Michigan
This is the smallest great lake, and surrounds Toronto. Lake Ontario
This great lake has the largest shoreline. Lake Huron
What province produces over half of the wheat in Canada? Saskatchewan
What is the capital city of Canada? Ottawa
Which territory is the largest and newest one? Nunavut
What is the capital city of Canada? Ottawa
Nunavut used to be part of what territory? Northwest Territories
What is the coldest region? Arctic Lowlands
What is the capital of Manitoba? Winnipeg
Which province produces the most maple syrup? Quebec
Which region is very rocky and was created by glaciers? Canadian Shield
Which region has the LEAST amount of precipitation? Interior Plains
In what region does the ground remain frozen all year? Arctic Lowlands
What region is the flattest part of Canada? Hudson Bay Lowlands
The Cordillera region is best known for what type of industry? Forestry
People and animals need special features to help them survive in this region Arctic Lowlands
What region is the flattest part of Canada and it is known as muskeg? Hudson Bay Lowlands
What region has the best growing area in Canada? St. Lawrence Lowlands
The Cordillera region is best known for what type of industry? Forestry
What capital city is the oldest city in North America? St. John's in Newfoundland
Tourism is important to this region in the form of sport-fishing and hunting. Hudson Bay Lowlands
Created by: braemar4