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chapter 9 and 10

science for mr.spinka

material that reflects light that strikes it? opaque
complemnetary colors are what? any 2 colors combined
the transparent part of the eye is? the cornea
a near sighted person can see? near objects claerly and far away objects blurry.
2 colors that combine to form a secondary color are called complementary color
electromagnetic waves ... consist of electric and magnetic fields.
polarizing filters indicate that light? sometimes travels in waves.
rainbows form because... different wavelengths refract by diffrent amounts.
a __________________ light bulb uses a filament incandescent
how long does it take for light from the sun to get to earth? 8 minutes
which of the following can be sensed by humans? infared
one application for ultraviolet rays is.... killing bacteria
___________ images are upside right virtual
the ______________ is how much a ray bends index of refraction
rods are cells that... distinguish black and white.
a cell phone transmits signals using? high frequency radio waves
electromagnetic waves travel at the same speed but have diffrent frequencies
most of the energy produced by incandescent light is given off as ? heat
fireflies produce light called bioluminescence
an infared camera takes a picture called a thermogram
micro waves are good for heating food because? microwaves heat food quickly
to send a t.v signal across the country networks can use ? communication satellite.
a plane mirror has a ? flat surface
optic fibers carry light across long distances because? light travels paralles to the surface of the fiber
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