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Catullus 8, 9, 10

miser misera, miserum- poor/wretched
desino desinere, desivi, desitus- stop
video videre, vidi, visus- see
pereo perire, perivi, peritus- die
duco ducere, duxi, ductus- lead
quondam formerely/once
sol solis, m, sun
fio feri, factus sum- happen
volo velle, volui- wish/want
fugio fugere, fugi, fugitus- flee
vivo vivere, vixi, victus- live
mens mentis, f, mind
perfero perferre, pertuli, perlatus- carry through/bear
doleo dolere, dolui, dolitus- hurt/suffer/grieve
adeo adire, adivi, aditus- approach
dico dicere, dixi, dictus- speak
omnis -is, -e- all/each/every
frater fratris, m, brother
mater matris, f, mother
venio venire, veni, ventus- come
incolumis -is, -e: unharmed
audio audire, audivi, auditus- listen
locus loci, m, place
natio nationis, f, nation
mos moris, m, custom
iucundum -a, -us: pleasant/agreeable
os oris, n, mouth
otiosus otiosi, m, private citizen
incido incidere, incidi, incasus- happen
sermo sermonis, m, conversation
habeo habere, habui, habitus- have/hold
pro on behalf of
sum esse, fui, futurus- be/exist
aes aeris, n, money
praetor praetoris, m, praetor
cohors cohortis, f, court
refero referre, retuli, relatus- bring/carry back
praesertim especially
facio facere, feci, factus- make
possum posse, potui- be able
vetus veteris- old
quaeso quaesere- beg
defero deferre, detuli, delatus- carry off
ratio rationis, f, account
sodalis sodalis, all, companion
verum veri, n, truth
utor uti, usus sum- use
licet licere, licuit, licitus est- it is permitted
Created by: kait93