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Fund Jeopard 12/15

Fundamentals Jeopardy 12/15

Nutrition: Route TPN is administered IV
Nutrition: S&S of protein malnutrition poor wound healing, apathy and edema
Nutrition: What happens if you are on a diet too long metabolic rate decrease
Nutrition: Lack of appetite anorexia
Nutrition: Lab test that would indicate patient needs special nutrition of TPN or Enteral Albumin
Elimination: How much fluid should a patient with a colostomy drink a day 2000mL, 2 quarts
Elimination: post bowel surgery this should be a focus assessment bowel sounds
Elimination: Normal PVR less than 50mL
Hodge Podge: Levodopa make your urine brown or black
Comfort: Term for pharmacologic pain reliever analgesic
Hodge Podge: Dictates the amount of sensory stimuli considered normal culture
Hodge Podge: Male has enlarged prostate feels not emptying bladder. what he might have urinary retention
Hodge Podge: Hold an enteral feeding if this is present residual greater than 200 mL
Hodge Podge: Color of normal healthy stoma red and moist
Elimination: When the nurse should expect in a new colostomy 2-5 days
Elimination: What should you do at the first void of a 24 hour urine discarded
Comfort: The character of pain assess when asking a patient to rate it on a scale intensity
Comfort: Type of pain when an MI patient has pain in the left arm referred pain
Comfort: Severe abdominal pain caused by damage to liver and colon visceral
Comfort: Nurse might do this to decrease pain as an alternative pain medication what is a back rub
Created by: infamousjiggz