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Pre-Latin Exam

Mrs. Simpson

Accuso I Accuse
Adoro I Adore
Ambulo I walk
Amo I Love
Appello I adress
Aro I plow
Celo I Hide
Clamo I Shout
Creo I Create
Culpo I Blame
Delecto I delight
Demonstro I Demonstrate
Do I Give
Dubito I doubt
erro I err
Exploro I explore
exspecto I expect
Habito I Dwell
Judico I Judge
Juvo I help
Laboro I work
Laudo I Praise
Lavo I Wash
Libero I Set Free
Muto I Change
Narro I Tell
Nato I Swim
Navigo I Sail
Nego I Deny
Nuntio I Report
Occupo I seize
oppugno I attack
Opto I desire
oro I pray
paro I prepare
Peturbo I disturb
Porto I Carry
Pugno I Fight
Puto I Think
Rogo I ask
Saluto I Greet
Servo I Guard
Specto I Look at
spero I hope
sto I stand
Sum I am
supero I overcome
tempto I tempt
volo I fly
vulnero I wound
agnus The Lamb
Agricola The Farmer
Amicus The Friend
annus the year
bellum the war
caelum The sky
Christus Christ
debitum the debt
deus the god
dominus the lord
donum the gift
equus the horse
filius the son
forum the forum
Italia Italy
Maria Mary
mensa the table
mundus the world
nauta the sailor
oppidum the town
poeta the poet
puella the girl
regina the queen
regnum the kingdom
Roma Rome
Saxum The Rock
servus the slave
templum the temple
terra the land
verbum the word
cras tomorrow
Heri yesterday
Hodie Today
Non Not
Numquam Never
Nunc now
Saepe Often
Semper Always
Tum Them,at that time
Umquam Ever
Verb Families are called ________ conjugations
The Six attributes of a latin verb are. Conjugation, Person, Number, Tense, Voice, Mood
How Many words are needed to make a latin sentence. 1
Verbs have person. The first person is the person________. The second person is the person _____. The Third Person is the person spoken _______ about. Speaking, To, about
The Endings of latin verbs are. S P 1 o mus 2 s tis 3 t nt
The Four Principle Parts are. O,Are,Avi,and Atus
What is the name of the second principle part? Infinitive
The stem vowel of the first conjugation is. A
The Tenses that make up the present system are. Present, Imperfect, and Future
You find the present stem of a verb by dropping ______ of the ____ principle part. re, 2nd
In English, I praise is the _____ present, I am Praising is the ______ present, and I do Praise is the ________ present. Simple, Progressive emphatic
The imperfect tense sign is BA
What english verbs help translate the perfect tense? Was and Were
The Future tense sign is.. BI
What english helping verb translates the future tense will
The TO BE verb shows _________ not action existence
The Tense that make up the perfect system are the __________, ___________, and the ___________. Perfect, Pluperfect, and the Future Perfect
You find the perfect stem by dropping the ___ from the ___ principle part. I, 3rd
What english helping verbs help translate the perfect tense Have, has, and had
What english helping verbs help translate the pluperfect tense had
What english helping verbs help translate the Future Perfect tense Will Have
Noun families are called______ declensions
How many declensions are there? 5
Give the four attributes of nouns Declension, gender, number, and case
Nouns that name male and female persons Have ________ _______ Natural Gender
Nouns that name nonliving things have _______ gender Neuter
First declension nouns are usually ______ in gender feminine
the genitive singular of the 1st declension is AE
the genitive singular of the 2nd declension is I
Second Declension us nouns are usually _______ in gender Masculine
Second Declension UM nouns are always ____ in gender. Neuter
The declension of a noun is determined by its _______ _______ Genitive Singular
What is the Subject Case Nominative
What is the Possessive Case? genitive
What is the indict object case dative
What is the name of the direct object case accusative
what is the name of the prepositional case ablative
what is the name of the OF case? genitive
What is the name of the TO/FOR case Dative
what is the name of the BY/With/From Case ablative
Anno Domini The Year of the Lord
Ante Bellum Before the war
Civis Romanus Sum I am a roman citizen
Errare is human To err is human
Fortes fortuna juvat fortune aids the brave
In Choro Recitimus Let us recite together
In Umbra, Igitur, pugnabimus Then we will fight in the shade
Mater Itlaiae Roma Mother of Italy, Rome
Nunc aut Numquam Now or Never
Ora et Labora Prayer and Work
Roma Aeterna Eternal Rome
Semper FIdelis Always Faithful
Stabat Mater The Mother was standing.
Created by: jonesray55