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Pharm Bingo 12/15

Pharm Bingo 12/15 Chapter 42-46

Antifungals are given with coumadin Increase PT/INR
Expected adverse effect of imuran therapy Leukopenia
This sometimes occur after equine made in immunization drugs are given Serum Sickness
person might be given this after a needle stick Hepatitis B immunoglobulin
Immunosupressant therapy should be discontinued if the leukocyte level goes below 3000/mm3: immnosupressant indicated for glatiramer acetate
indicated for treatment for organ failure Muromonab-CD 3
chronic aspirin use intoxication may present with this Tinnitus
Aspirin is infected of CAD because of this factor Reduce platelet aggregation
Active live immunizations are contraindicated in these individuals Immunosuspressed
Vaccine to prevent shingles Zostavax
if this person has an adverse effect to colchicine Zostavax
Glucosamine chondroitin are for arthritis but they can do this by affecting your blood sugar mechanisms in this way Increase Insulin Resistance
this vaccine is recommended for women age group 13-26 HPV Vaccine
antifungal medications are contraindicated when this is present Renal Failure
What would give in the ER if you have black widow spider bite Antisera
when treating gout you would monitor this Uric Acid Levels
What a mother pass on to her baby Passive Immunity
infections with this can affect in three route Anthrax
this form of amphotercin B is easer tolerated Lipid formulation
used to help prevent gastric ulcers with people on NSAID Cytotec
Before giving an infusion of amphotericin B Antipyretic & antiemetic
quinine and tetracycline are both given in malaria because they are Synergistic
a known adverse effect of antifungal amphotericin B Hypokalemia
Created by: infamousjiggz