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Ten Words A Week

the words on the ten words quiz

Black hole a small, extremley dense object formed when a star remnant collapses
elliptical galaxy a galaxy with an oval or near-spherical shape
Galaxy a large group of stars, space dust, and gases that are held together by gravity
irregular galaxy a galaxy that has neither a spiral nor an elliptical shape
light year a unit of distance equal to the distance light travels in one year, or almost 9.5 trillion kilometers
luminosity a measure of the energy output from the surface of a star per second
Milky Way Galaxy the spiral galaxy to which our solar system belongs to
nuclear fusion the joining of the nuclei of small atoms to form a larger stomic nucleus
spectroscope a special telescope that can analyze visible light by acting like a prisom
spiral galaxy a galaxy with "arms" that wind outward from the center, resembling a pin wheel
equinox a point in Earth's orbit when the Earth is tilted neither toward nor away from the Sun
low tide a falling of water
lunar eclipse the casting of Earth's shadow on the moon when Earth is directly the moon and sun
neap tide the tide with the least difference between high and low tide
optical telescope a device that uses lenses or a combination of lenses and mirrors to gather visible light from space
space probe a unmanned vehicle sent into space to relay data back to Earth
spring tide a tide with the greatest difference between high and low tide
umbra the darkest inner parts of a shadow
waning becoming smaller;decrease in visibility of the sunlit portion of the moon
waxing becoming larger;increase in visibility of the sunlit portion of the moon
high tide a rising of water
Northern hemisphere the region of Earth located above the equator
orbit the path of a body in space around another body
penumbra the outer part of a shadow
period of revolution the time required for a planet to complete one orbit around the sun
period of rotation the time required for a planet to complete one full turn on its axis
phase a shape of the lit portion of the moon as seen from Earth
solar eclipse the casting of the Moon's shadow on Earth when the Moon passes directly between the sun and Earth, blocking the suns light
solstice a point in Earth's orbit when a hemisphere is tilted most toward or away from the sun
Southern hemisphere region of Earth located below the equator
full moon the phase of the moon in which the entire face of the moon appears lit
hyperbola an open curve
lunar eclipse the casting of Earth's shadow on the moon when the Earth is directly between the moon and sun
meteor a streak of light produced when a meteoroid enters a planet's atmosphere
meteorite a small rocky or rock grain that strikes Earth's surface
meteoroid a small rocky body that travels in space
model a representation of something that can be used to study, show, or explain how it functons
near-Earth asteroid an asteroid that crosses Earth's orbit
Created by: mpustay16