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Vocab and Other Stuff for Physics 8

A wave A movement that transfers energy through matter or space
A crest The highest point of a wave
A trough The lowest point of a wave
The rest position The exact middle between the crest and the trough
The amplitude The distance from the rest position to the trough or crest
The wavelength The distance from crest to crest, trough to trough, or one full crest to one full trough
Frequency The number of waves per second and is measured in Hertz (Hz)
Formula for Frequency Cycles/seconds
Compression waves When the matter in the medium travels back and forth along the same direction the wave travels
Transverse waves When the matter in the medium travels perpendicular to the direction the wave travels
The Wave Model of Light It explains light as a wave that travels through empty space and transfers energy from one place to another, such as from the Sun to Earth
Visible light Light that you can see
The medium The matter that waves use to travel on
Refraction The bending of a wave as it passes through a material - ex. water
White light Made up of all the colors of light and when shone through prism, the prism it is refracted so you see all the different colors
ROYGBIV The 7 colors of the rainbow; Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet
Why does a red shirt look red? Because it reflects red but absorbs all the other colors
Why does a red shirt look black if you shine a blue light on it? Because since the shirt reflects red, it can't reflect anything because there is no red to reflect
Primary colors of light Red, Green and Blue
Red+Green= ? Yellow
Green+Blue= ? Cyan
Red+Blue= ? Magenta
Red+Blue+Green= ? White light
Magenta+Cyan+Yellow= ? Black light
Radiant energy Energy that travels by radiation
Radio waves Longest wavelength, lowest frequency and lowest energy. Used for broadcasting AM & FM radio, MRI's and TV signals
Microwaves Slightly shorter wavelength than radio waves, higher frequency and higher energy. Used in telecommunications, for radar and in microwave ovens
Infrared waves Shorter wavelength than microwaves, but still longer than light. Used in remote controls and in computers to read CD-ROMS. Also is heat radiation
Ultraviolet waves/rays Shorter wavelength than light, so higher frequency and more energy. Produces vitiman D and kills bacteria in food, water and medical equipment. Also causes sun burns and tans which leads to cancer
X-Rays Shorter wavelength, higher frequency and more evergy than ultraviolet waves. Used to photograph bones and teeth, to check inside of baggage and to check inside of machines and jet engines for damage
Gamma rays Shortest wavelength, highest frequency and most evergy. Used in radiation treatment to kill career cells
Name the wavelengths longer than visible light Radio waves, Microwaves and Infrared waves
Name the wavelengths shorter than visible light Ultraviolet waves/rays, X-rays and Gamma rays
Electromagnetic Radiation The transmission of energy in the form of electromagnetic waves
Electromagnetic Waves A huge range of waves ex. light waves
Electromagnetic Spectrum The whole range of electromagnetic waves
Light Energy
A model a way of representing something so that we can understand it better and make predictions
Created by: mcyr