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Latin midterm Exam

Latin III

What is Ovid’s full name? (xix) Publious Ovidious Naso
What was Ovid exiled and to where? Shores of the Black Sea
Adjectives (of any kind) agree in case, number, gender. (pg.1)
What do lead arrows do? (pg.3) repel love, induce disgust
Ovid compares Apollo’s love for Daphne to a burning plant and burning sheath.
Why would Ovid make this comparison? (pg.11) love consumes just like fire
Who did Daphne ask to transform her? Peneus
What does Apollo do/claim after Daphne has been transformed into a laurel tree? claims her as his tree, declares the laurel tree as his official tree
Pyramus and Thisbe’ Shakespearian counterparts are... Romeo and Juliet.
What is a gerund? (pg. 29) verbal noun
What is a gerundive? verbal adjective
“We went swimming in the heated pool”. Is the underlined word a gerund or gerundive? gerund
“When in Rome, the countless kissing couples made me sick.” Is the underlined word a gerund or gerundive? gerundive
What were Icarus and Daedalus’ wings made out of? (3 materials) wax, feathers, rope
Why did Icarus not have dialogue in Ovid’s story? because kids are made not be seen not heard
What is the etymology of infant? (pg. 70) not speaking
What was Daedalus’ profession and what did he build for King Minos? master craftsman, built labyrinth
Created by: hcmeek