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ss chap 6 -5th grade


In 1000 AD a viking who started a small settlement in NE Canada called Vinland. Leif Ericson
One of the people living on islands in the Atlantic Ocean. All died out and Christopher Columbus sailed to their land. Taino
a journey made for a special purpose expedition
Italian seaman who landed on one of the Taino islands Christopher Columbus
When did Christopher Columbus reach the island's of the Taino's? October 12, 1492
What were Columbus's 3 ships named? Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria
Why did Columbus sail to America? to find a sea route to the Indies, or islands of SE Asia, by sailing west instead of east.
Who paid for Columbus's voyage? How long did they make him wait for the money? King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, 6 years
What were the Taino islands? Which one did he land on? Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and Hispaniola and the Bahama islands (caribbean islands). Bahama islands
an island Columbus named meaning Holy Savior (real name was Watling island) San Salvador
a settlement far away from the country that rules it. colony
movement of people, plants, animals and germs across the Atlantic Ocean....who did it? Columbian Exchange, Columbus
What affected the population of 5 continents? Columbian exchange
What are the 5 'seeds of change'? potatoes, maize, sugar, horses, disease
What seeds of change went west to east? potato (friend of the poor and easy to grow)and maizeimproved diets of population of Europe, Asia and Africa.
What seeds of change went east to west? sugar (grown in caribbean and cause African slavery to care for it), horse (helped indians on Great pLains) and disease (smallpox)
soldiers who hoped to find gold and other riches in the new lands for Spain. It means "to conquer". conquistadors
capital of the Aztec Empire under Moctezuma I and II Tenochtitlan
A Spainard that an led expedition from Cuba to Mexico that led to the defeat of the Aztecs- he took over Tenochtitlan and burned it Hernando Cortes
Indian woman that knew several languages and helped Cortes convince other indians to join him Dona Marina
New ruler of Tenochtitlan, was captured and killed by Cortes after 75 days of blocked roads Cuauhtemoc
name for the new colony that Cortez captured New Spain
How could Cortes win against the huge Aztec empire? He had help from thousands of Indians, guns, armor. Aztecs had spears and wooden shields.
new name for Tenochtitlan, the capital of New Spain Mexico City
maps that show information about the past or where past events took place. historical map
narrow waterway named for Magellan Strait of Magellan
1st cewto sail around the world 1519-1522 Magellan
very large piece of land that often included several Indian villages that were given by the Spanish govt. to colonists. Caused much suffering to the Indians and later the Africans encomiendas
New Spain's strongest defenders of Indian rights. He was a Catholic priest. He was a missionary. Called "Protector of the Indians" Bartolome de Las Casas
a person who teaches his or her religion to others who have different beliefs. missionary
What were many Indians dying of in the encomiendas disease and overwork
What law was passed to protect the Indians and made them get paid for their work? New Laws of 1542, brought about by Bartolome de Las Casas
What happened when most of the Indians died out? Spain brought over 200,000 African slaves to New Spain.
African slave who he and 80 followers escaped being captured for 30 years,got a town named after him called San Lorenzo de lod Negros. Yanga
When Mexico city was rebuilt what did Cortes build to replace the Aztec's Great temple? a cathedral
two words that survived from the Tainos hammock and canoe
How did Indians get their name? Columbus thought he was in the Indies and called the Taino people"Indios" or Indians.
Why did European diseases such as smallpox kill so many Indians? Their bodies had no built-up resistence to this disease.
What was Hernando Cortes looking for when he set out to find Tenochtitlan? gold
Why did all the Indian tribes dislike Moctezuma? He conquered many tribes who did not want to be taken over and they disliked him for this and wanted to get back at him so they joined Cortes.
He led a group to find the "Seven Cities of Gold". They did not exist, but he did see the Grand Canyon. Francisco Coronado
What did the Indians get in exchange for working on the encomiendas? They were cared for and taught about Christianity.
conquered the Inca Empire ruled by Atahualpa Francisco Pizarro
searched for the Seven Cities of Gold and found Grand Canyon Francisco Coronado
first European to see the Mississipi River Hernando De Soto
searched for the Fountain of Youth and found Florida. Juan Ponce De Leon
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