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2nd Quarter Science

What effect do animals have on the environment? They release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
A puppy chews on objects other than food. This behavior is _____________ . An inherited innate behavior.
Plants alter the chemicals in the air how? They take the nitrogen from the atmosphere and help the soil in nitrogen fixation.
A change in ocean current causes the climate on an island to become drier. As a result, the grasses that cover the island change from dark green to light brown. Over time, how might a species of green toads that hide in the grasses and are subjected to pr Their coloration will change to brown.
What effective insecticide is used on a population of insects, most of the insects are killed. However, a few may survive due to genes that make them resistant to the insecticide. What is the BEST explanation of why this occurs? Insects that survived sprayings passed their resistant genes to their offspring.
Snowshoe hares experience a change in fur color from brown im the summer to white in the winter. Which statement best describes how the appearance of a particular snowshoe hare may change after it lives in a warm climate year-round, for many generations? It would have brown fur all year long.
Less thhan ten thousand years ago, enviromental changes seperated some individuals of a squirrel population to one side of the Grand Canyon, Today, these squirrels now show a white tail and black belly. Their ancestors exhibited a gray tail and white bell Is evidence of speciation due to geographical isolation.
The sprem cell (gametes) of a squirrel have 20 chromosomes. How many are found in a body cell of the same animal. 40 Chromosomes
How will an organism be affected if part of its chromosome is missing? The organism will lack necessary information to control cell processed.
If a scientist is trying to decide if a molecule is RNA or DNA, for what should he test? Thymine
The order of bases along a gene determines the order in which... Amino acids are put together to form a protein.
What is the function of RNA? Copy the coded message from the DNA and carry it into the cytoplasm.
What nucleic acids are both present in DNA and RNA? Guanine and Adenine
A DNA molecule is being changed into a RNA molecule. The next base to be transcribed on the DNA sequence is adenine. Which base will be the complement in the RNA molecule? Uracil
When does a mutation occur? When there is a change in the order of the bases in an organism's DNA.
A pea plant has alleles for green and yellow seed colors. According to Mendel's law of segregation of characteristics, what must a gamete of the plant carry? Only one allele.
A pea plant has white flowers and yellow seeds. What does Mendel's law of independent assortment sat about these traits? Inheritance of one trait does not affect the other.
In a cross of parents that are pure for contrastiong traits, only one form of the other trait will appear in the nest generation. Offspring that are hybrid for a trait will have only the dominant trait in the phenotype. This is an example of which of Mend Law of Dominance.
In a plant, tall (D) is the dominant allele. Short (d) is the recessive allele. Which GENOTYPE would a short offspring have? dd
If a male dog is homozygous dominate (GG) and it mates with a homozygous recessive female (gg), what will the results of the offspring be? It will be heterozygous (Gg)
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