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The Pond

Eldred W., Arman L., Angel F., thomas C.

What is the name of the insect that walks across the top of the pond? Hint: They look like mosquitoes. Water Strider
True or falss: A snake can hypnotize a bird. True
True or false: Diamond back water snakes are venimous. False
True or false: Clams can live in ponds. True. Some clams can but not all.
What snake was found in our pond this semester? A diamond back water snake
True or false: A snapping turtle is a omniovore. True
What does a snapping turtle eat? Almost anything!
How many types of green snakes are there? Two, the rough green snake and the smooth green snake
How long was the green snake that Ms. Kirk's class found at the pond? It was about 27 inches long.
True or False: Frogs lay eggs in our pond in the spring. True
Who takes care of the pond here at EFWMA? Mr. Bill
What kind of turtle do we see most at our pond? Red earred sliders
What beautiful winged insect lays eggs in our pond in warm weather? a. butterflies b. dragonflies c. honey bees d. locust b.dragonflies
Who helped build our pond? Students, staff,and parents helped.
What organization helped to build our pond? Ponds for Kids
In what year was our pond built? It was built in spring of 2008.
Created by: olekids