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Pharm Jeopardy 12/14

When does lispro insulin (rapid) start having an effect 15 minutes
If you are allergic sulfa antibiotics what diabetic oral agent might you be allergic to Sulfyonurea
When a patient is on Coumadin and is put on an antibiotic this will happen bleeding time will increase (measure by PT/INR)
This drug is used for adrenocortical insufficiency cosyntropin
What is an adverse effect of cosyntropin edema and hypertension
How long it takes for thyroid medication to be therapeutic 3-4 weeks
If an antibiotic is being effective you should see this blood test go down WBC
What antibiotic is used for MRSA vancomycin
A patient has been prescribed a cephalosporin. you should be concerned if the patient has this type of allergy penicillin
If patient is going into renal failure, the creatnine will do what Creatnine will increase
When is the peak level for NPH 4-8 hours
When the thyroid problem is with the pituitary it is called Secondary hypothyroidism
What are the early signs of hypoglycemia irritability and confusion
What is the only insulin that can be given IV Regular
What is a contraindication for thyroid medication Recent MI
What are the signs and symptoms of too much thyroid medication nervousness, anxiety and palpitations
What blood test reflects diabetic control over 3 months Hemoglobin A1C
You will give this to a patient who is unconscious and has a blood sugar of 40 IV glucose (Dextrose 50)
Time of day thyroid medication should be taken morning
When a patient is on antithyroid they should avoid food that contain this iodine
Created by: infamousjiggz