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Abraham S., Cameron T., Chris S., Marcos A., Yasir M., Thomas C., Xion B.

What is a young male goat called? A buckling
What is a female goat called? A doe
Why do we primarily raise does? They are easier to maintain and they do not have an offensive odor.
What kind food do nigerian goats eat? Mostly plants. They love to clear out brush and green briar patches.
What is the difference between a nigerian dwarf goat and an African pygmy goat? They began about the same place, but they are different breeds. Dwarfs are proportionate in their body, but pygmys are not.
Can nigerian dwarf goats have red fur? Yes. They can be many different colors.
What is our goats' favorite treat? Animal crackers! They also like vanilla wafers and bread.
What is the difference between pygmy goats and dwarf goats? Pygmy goats are bred to be "cobby" and "heavy boned". Dwarf goats are smaller than standard goats, but are proportionate in their form.
How much milk do Nigerian Dwarf Goats produce a day? 2 quarts
Most goats have brown eyes, but Anigerian Goats can have ________________ eyes. a. red b. green c. blue c. blue
What are the main color families? The main color families are black, chocolate, and gold.
What is the earliest age a doe can be bred? 7-8 months
What is the name of our nanny goat (mother goat)? Adrienne
What is the name of the male kid? Aiden
What is the name of the female kid? Angel
True or False: Aiden is older than Angel. False. They are twins.
What class of animals do goats and rabbits belong in? the mammal class
True or false. Baby goats hatch from eggs. Goats have "live birth".
What trick does Aiden know how to do? a. roll over b. open the gate c. fetch sticks b. open the gate
Created by: olekids