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Latin Vocabulary BTL

Vocabulary from Modules 1-4

NOUN copia, copiae supplies feminine derivatives: copious, cornucopia
NOUN pecunia, pecuniae money feminine derivatives: pecuniary, impecunious
NOUN villa, villae farmhouse feminine derivatives: village
VERB mando, mandare, mandavi, mandatus to entrust first conjugation derivatives: mandate, command
NOUN praeda, praedae loot feminine derivatives: predator, praedial, predation
NOUN ager, agri field masculine derivatives: agrarian, agriculture, pilgrim, peregrination
NOUN carrus, carri cart, wagon masculine derivatives: cart, car, cargo, career, carriage
NOUN liberi, liberorum children masculine derivatives: filial, affiliate
NOUN servus, servi slave, servant masculine derivatives: servitude, servile, service, subservient
NOUN vir, viri man, hero masculine derivatives: virile, virility
NOUN consilium, consili plan, counsel neuter derivatives: counsel
NOUN frumentum, frumenti grain neuter derivatives: frumentaceous
NOUN oppidum, oppidi town neuter derivatives: oppidian
NOUN periculum, periculi danger neuter derivatives: perilous, imperil, peril
VERB servo, servare, servavi, servatus to save, guard first conjugation derivatives: conservation, conservatory, observe, preserve, preservation, reserve, reservation, reservoir
VERB spero, sperare, speravi, speratus to hope first declension derivatives: despair, desperation, desperado
mox soon
nunc now
olim once, once upon a time
NOUN arena, arenae sand feminine derivatives: arena
NOUN ludus, ludi school or game masculine derivatives: allude, allusion, delude, delusion, collusion, elude, elusive, illusion, ludicrous, interlude, prelude
NOUN otium, oti leisure neuter derivatives: otiose, negotiate, negotiation
VERB maneo, manere, mansi, mansurus to stay, remain second conjugation derivatives: manor, manse, mansion, permanent, remainder, remnant
ADJECTIVE altus, alta, altum high, deep derivatives: altar, altitude, alto, contralto, exalt, exalted, haughty, oboe
Created by: kasskuhn