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Karina G., Jason C., Zoe D., Jaqueline R. Daniela E., Emily F.

What extinct animal is related to chickens? Dinosaurs
How many eggs can a chicken lay in a week? 5-10 eggs
How many eggs does a chicken lay a year? 200-300 eggs
How many miles per hour can a chicken travel? 9 mph
What is the longest distance flown by a chicken? 301 1/2 feet
How many breeds of domestic chickens are there? Over 150 breeds
How many days does it take for a chick to hatch from an egg? 21 days
How many chickens do we have here at school? 8 chickens
What color is a leghorn's egg? a) brown b)yellow c)white d0 blue c) white
How long does it take to raise a chicken to eat? It takes 6 to 12 weeks.
What extinct animal's skeleton looks like a chicken? a. pelican b. eagle c. dinosaur d. swan c. dinosaur
How long do chickens live? 12 years or more
At what age do chickens start laying eggs? a. 7 months b. 12 months c. 6 months c. 6 months
Do chickens require daily care? a. yes b. no c. maybe Yes, chickens require daily care.
What is a cochin's personality like? a. mean b. friendly c. nice d. not here b. friendly
What type of chicken lays the most eggs? a. leghorn b. plymoth rock c. cochin d. orpington a. leghorn
What temperature does a chicken's body usually run? a. 102-103 F b. 102-104 F c. 103-107 F d. not here a. 102-103 F
What dinosaur is a chicken closest to? Tyrannosaurus rex
Can chickens only live on grass? Yes, for a short time.
What is alektorophobia? A fear of chickens
What color is the leghorn's feathers? a. blue b. brown c. white c. white
How do we care for baby chicks when it is cold outside? a. put them in warm water b. get them a blanket c. use a heater to make them warm c. use a heater to make them warm
Where is a wattle located on a chicken? a. back b. legs c. wings d. not here d. not here (It is located on the head)
Can we buy corn and oats directly from farmer to feed our chickens? Yes, but it should be ground with minerals to make a complete diet.
It takes how long for a chicken to lay an egg? a. 24 hours b. 3 days c. 62 minutes d. 62 days a. 24 hours
What is a baby chicken called? a. duckling b. chick c. youngling d. chicken b. chick
Created by: olekids