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Astronomy Exam I

Notes from Exam

What is the zero point for altitude? Horizon
The above, or below, the celestial equator is... Declination
What are the Right Ascension & Declination coordinates of the Summer Solstice? 6h, 23.5 degrees
What is the apparent path of the Sun in the sky? Ecliptic
When you are standing at 34 degrees North Latitude, what is the altitude of the North Celestial Pole? 34 degrees
What is the old definition of a constellation? A connect-the-dot image in the sky
What do we learn from Bayer designation? A star's brightness relative to other stars in its constellation
How long does it take for the Moon to complete one orbit of the Earth? 27.3 days
The period of the Moon's phases is it's: Synodic Period
In correct order, what is the missing Moon phase: 1st quarter, __________, Full? Waxing Gibbous
On December 22nd, what phase is the Moon in when it is located at the Summer Solstice? Full
What phase would the Earth appear to be in if we could view it from the Moon during the Waning Gibbous phase? Waxing Crescent
During which type of eclipse is the Sun's corona visible? Total Solar
Which of the following must be true for the lunar eclipse to occur? The Moon must be full and at a node
A geocentric model, with the planets orbiting the Sun Tycho Brahe
Used epicycles to explain retrograde motion Ptolemy
A heliocentric model, using elliptical orbits Johannes Kelper
The basis of the Prutenic Tables Nicolaus Copernicus
Which of the follow was one of Galileo's discoveries? Sunspots
What does Kelper's 2nd Law tell us? Equal area is swept out in equal time
What does Newton's 1st Law tell us? An object at rest will stay at rest, unless acted upon by a force
Einstein's photoelectric effect showed that light... Acts as a particle
Which of these regions of the electromagnetic spectrum has the highest frequency? Ultraviolet
What type of telescope can suffer from spherical aberration? Reflector
Which type of telescope includes a flat secondary mirror? Reflector
What is meant by active optics? Shape of the mirror can be controlled
Which modern instrument spreads out the light according to wavelength? Spectrograph
Which of the Great Observatories looks at the longest wavelength radiation? Spitzer
Which telescope should be used to observe emission from extremely hot gases? Chandra
Two atoms are considered different elements when one has... A different number of protons
How can electrons become excited? By collisions and absorbing a photon an rising to a higher energy level
Absorption spectra occur due to: An electrons taking in the energy of photons and moving to a higher energy level
Why are the Balmer lines weak in cool stars? The Hydrogen is mostly in the ground state
Which of the following spectral classes contain the hottest stars? Class B stars
What is the second most common element the Sun? Helium
Created by: Danice